Saturday, March 13, 2010

Car Parts and Pastry

Lets start out on a positive note here:
I have surpassed my goal weight.  By 1.6lbs as of 8pm last night. I stood on the scale twice to make sure it wasn’t broken.
And yet, the muffin top prevails.
In excess.
Something I have realized – the more weight i loose, the more muffin-e my top gets.  Ironic or Idiotic? Both.  More idiotic than anything though.  Clearly stretching your belly skin to astronomical proportions does something to the elasticity.
I think the only way to remedy this situation is to workout. And do 234911 crunches a day. And pushups. And Jillian Michaels 30day Shred. Which I try to do. Rarely.  I use the same excuse as everyone else – I don’t have enough time. Which I don’t. Because writing papers, blogging and sleeping tend to take up too much of my time. 
I have talked about my struggle with time, managing it and making time for everyone/everything for months now.  I am reporting here that I still have not figured it all out.  
I had a thought last week that I will work out before I go to work.  Well, a few days last week I had to be at work EARLY (like I had to be there the same time I usually wake up!). No matter how quiet I was, the baby still woke up when I left.  Probably jumping around sweating to the oldies would have the same effect on the little bug’s sleep, which would be bad.  So, 5am workouts at home are not going to be an option.
Something working in my favor (for once!) is the time changing this weekend means more light when I get home from work. And the snow – it’s GONE and the temperature is starting to rise.   Which means I can run outside! I am very excited about this.  Crossing my fingers that this fits into the schedule a few days a week.
If there is one thing lighting a fire under my ass (which I hope, as an added bonus,  melts off some of the excess in that area) it’s the spare tire growing around my mid section.  I am pissed that I weigh less than before I got pregnant yet I am wearing pants 1-2 sizes bigger.  I am pissed that I feel like a lardass and don’t want to have sex with my husband, as muffin-e middles will do that to a girl.
The car parts and pastry that I am carrying around with me NEED to go.  What are your most tried & true work outs that help you get toned and looking sexy?  Who is going to help keep me accountable?


Danifred said...

Girrrrlllll- I hear you. It's amazing how my body has redistributed itself without my consent. I am hoping that with the arrival of Spring I'll get a little more motivated to lose the weight I've recently gained.

renee said...

i actually just bought myself the 30 day shred a couple days ago. i'm hoping to get SOMETHING off before felicia does our family pics. but whatever, if it doesnt. blah. i totally understand not wanting to have sex b/c of the insecurity though. but i'm sure that mike still finds you beautiful (because you ARE!) :D gl