Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tornado a’la Gianna

I am doing Project 365, and I was all prepared to use a boring picture from the hair salon today.

Until I got home.


And walked to our bedroom to pee change clothes.


And started to notice that the usual Gianna toy storm had turned into a tornado.


That showed no mercy on the clean (or dirty) clothes. Or toys. Or shoes.


And was so wide spread it included the entire hallway (picture does not show full detail of the damage). Her bedroom. Our bedroom. Kitchen.


Mike told me the house was a mess.

Gianna told me she had fun playing tornado.

Mike told me he hopes she doesn’t do it again tomorrow.



renee said...

LOL. just wait until she older...and has siblings. that looks clean compared to what these three do to our house every day. :D oh and btw she WILL do it again tomorrow ;-)

Danifred said...

I am excited to see that my children aren't the only rugrats who can destroy a house in ten seconds flat.

Tricia said...

I really enjoy seeing your little girl grow. She is just beautiful, despite the tornadoes :-)