Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Time for Who?

As you loyal readers know, finding time for everything has been my biggest struggle since becoming a mom.
It continues to be that way.
I have gotten better at compartmentalizing my life though - work is for work (or when baby is napping), play time is for Gianna, school is for school (or when baby is sleeping) house work is for after the baby goes to sleep, husband time is for bedtime.

Does anyone see a missing link to these compartments?
No? Look again....
Now you see it huh. There is no ME time.
My nightly routine is this: play with baby, feed baby, bathe baby, put baby to sleep, clean kitchen, make bottles, study &/or work, pass out.
I have to force a shower in there, usually around 10pm. Dinner, I eat if the hubs has made something, but typically, I just don't.

All of that stuff I can deal with, it's just the way things are right now. I might huff and puff about it - but really, I can handle missing dinner.
The one thing that I am CRAVING but can't seem to figure out how to fit it in, is working out, specifially running. This has always been my time to just turn on the tunes & let it all out. I would work out every single day when I was in medical school because it was the most amazing stress reliever (and, I had a pretty rocking body as an added bonus). Now, when I feel like I need this release the most - I can't seem to figure out where it belongs in my day. I would love to tone up this flab, get my frustrations out in a productive way and feel better about myself - but WHEN?
I have contemplated getting up at 5a to do this, but lets face it, I am NOT a morning person. Leaving the house once the peanut is in bed is another option, but all of my other responsibilities would get pushed about 2 hrs later in the night. (but I would surely get a shower those days...)
I am fully aware that those sound like excuses.
But if you can manage my time better for me, I would truly love to hear about it*.

Also - another part of ME time that is missing. The attention to personal detail. Or eyebrow maintenance and haircuts. And tanning (shut it, I don't need opinions on this one).

But alas friends, all of these things: Y membership, waxing, that sun kissed shimmer, all take $$. $$ that isn't falling from any trees around my house lately. In fact, I am pretty sure it is being buried somewhere because I can't seem to find it.... So - I need "economical"* ideas on how to accomplish these things.
Or you can tell me to shut my trap and quit bitching, because I'm a mom now and ME time doesn't exist.

*no seriously, I mean it.


Danifred said...

Ahhhh... me time. Oh, how I miss ME time! I find that if I don't FORCE myself to do it now and then, I end up flipping out because I'm so overwhelmed.

Twin "B" said...

well at least i can take care of whats growing on your face,! lol

Anonymous said...

Now you understand why I get up at 5am!