Sunday, March 28, 2010

oreos, cupcakes, ice cream - oh my!

I never considered myself to have much of a sweet tooth.
And then I got pregnant.
And wanted nothing but oreos.
It was not unusual for me to eat a whole section of the package without even feeling full. (and I wonder how I got so huge.....)

I figured it would go away once I was no longer with-child.


It didn't!

I still want oreos. To an earily similar proportion. 
(seriously. one night I had my husband run to the gas station to get me some because nothing else would hit the spot. MOOOOO)

I will still pick fruit over chocolate.  Sometimes. Unless the choice is between oreos and fruit.

There is only one way to loose the weight, and that is to kick this sweets habit. What do you munch on to satisfy the need for something sweet, without actually eating your weight in oreos?


Rebecca said...

Mmmmm...I love oreos. My husband's friend started a business for dark chocolate with sea salt...seriously a PMS dream! I love it and I can't put it down...I never stop thinking about it! When I am trying to lose weight though, chocolate milk always helps.

The Red Headed Mama said...

Dana gave me the best idea when I was doing WW. Take a chocolate graham cracker and break it in half. Put 2TBL of FF cool whip between the two halves, wrap in foil and freeze. It's so good! I could only make 1-2 at a time though, or I'd end up eating them all. I have no willpower.

Mama Reg said...

DUUUUDE! i could eat almost an entire section of oreos too when i was pregnant with gabe...i would lay on the bed, in an oreo coma for two hours HAHA!

i honestly dont know what to say about finding a sweet subsitute...

unfortunately there is no subsitute for oreo dipped in milk soggy goodness (it has to be some sort of chemically altered carb that reacts to milk lol), they do make reduced fat ones! my theory is indulge in the row of oreos-maybe just not everyday :)

Danifred said...

I went through a donut phase with Bean. It never ended. (Please see my profile picture collection on FB that shows my "cake" when I was pregnant with Bean).

Maybe you can roll some fruit in crushed oreos? Two birds with one stone?

Tricia said...

I guess I can only hope that since I have a severe sweet tooth now, that maybe, just maybe, after I have children I may not have one?!?! HEHE!

Good luck with those cravings. I get those without being pregnant so if you do figure something out, please let us all know your secret :-)

seussgirl said...

So instead of telling you about the friend who makes oreo truffles, I should instead tell you that I eat frozen fruit bars for my sweet snack, huh? I do, really, I promise. (sometimes)

Mama Reg said...

MMMMM red headed mama's idea sounds AMAZING!! i have to try that!!