Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New Adventures

look out world. and breakable objects.

disclaimer #1: if you are liable to vomit easily and/or without warning, get motion sickness and/or become annoyed by high pitched mommy-voices – this video is not for you.

disclaimer #2: no bribery was used in the making of this video. not even puffs.

disclaimer #3: if you enjoy seeing giggling and babies who instantly focus at the sound of cell phones ringing, you will REALLY enjoy this video.



aunt jacqui said...

I am glad she is walking, just sad I had to see it on the internet for the first time...

renee said...

YAH!!!!!! Go Gianna!!! :D that's awesome!

Ellemes said...

Hehe that is too cute how her little eyes go straight to the phone.

Mama Reg said...

AWWWW so awesome!! she is so cute!!