Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's the little things

During my pregnancy, I worried SO MUCH about the big things: What kind of crib should we buy? what kind of carseat would be best? Breastfeed or formula feed? How could I rob babygap of all their cute clothes? HOW would I EVER be a MOM?!!

After a almost a year of this thing I call mommyhood, I realized that the big things are important, the small things are even more important and it's the little things that make each day possible.
  • Her blue eyes and wonderment make everything that much more amazing
  • I wouldn't have made it without coffee.  Especially Dunkin Donuts & Starbucks.
  • Thank you to the helping hands and listening ears out there. You have helped me figure it all out. And listened to my crazy stories and ideas.
  • A smile, a snuggle, a tug on my shirt - enough to make any bad day not so bad.
  • The "womb bear" she sleeps with everynight from her grandpa. That sound sends me to slumber land too.
  • Swaddleme blankets, pacifiers, fisherprice rainforest music toy for allowing everyone in our house to sleep.
  • Dr. Seuss books and the lessons you teach.
  • Divided plates for helping mealtime go just a tiny bit smoother.
  • Prevacid for helping take the pain away.  Oxyclean for taking out the spitup stains. Carter's for making clothes that hold up through 3582 washings. Age for helping her grow out of the reflux.
  • My Nikon for taking such great pictures of my peanut.
  • The overwhelming pride, joy, excitement I feel when I see MY daughter. She could be throwing a fit on the floor, walking around the house carrying dirty laundry or pushing the same button on the same toy for twenty minutes and it doesn't matter, because she figured out how to do it.
I said it when she was first born and I still say it today - I can't believe she is mine. And I get to keep her and hold her and love her forever. 


renee said...

TOTALLY agree! it's the little things that you want to remember. i just told danifred that the other day. when they are 5 you will be thinking about the way she used to say a certain word when she was 1. and when they are 16 we'll be remembering the days when all it took to make them happy was the button on the tv. lol :D

Danifred said...

What a beautiful post! It is all about the little things... it's those moments in the day when you think to yourself, "THIS is what I want to remember forever!"

Mama Reg said...

awww-awesome. that is amazing, rob babygap, so true?! and how would any of us make it without coffee i have no idea?! (i know im supposed to love starbucks because of mike, but really any old caffiene buzz will do lol)

you are the BEST mom ever and how wonderful to think of the treasures of having your daughter!