Monday, July 6, 2009


oh, sweet little girl, you are a tough case to crack.

We had the UGI on Thursday and our pedi called by 9a Friday with the results. No blockages, nothing "bad" - but constant, continuous reflux. [Mike and I actually were in the room during the test and we could see her refluxing on the x-ray machine - it was crazy]

"Solution" - thickened feedings w/ rice cereal.

Who would think to check the ingredients on rice cereal for milk or soy? Well - if your child is intolerant to either of these things, you should. Because we were using Gerber at first - insert screaming bloody murder here. Thanks to the genius of a good friend, we switched her to some organic, non-soy containing rice.

AND THEN she refused to eat. I cut the nipples so the stuff would come out, she didn't care. It took me, and I am not exaggerating here, TWO HOURS to get her to drink TWO OUNCES. Followed by another painstaking three ounces in an hour at her next feeding. Today was better, but it still is taking far too long - she is just plain not interested in eating.

Oh, and the food? It is still on me, her and the floor instead of in her belly. So - tell me how much this is helping please.... We aren't giving up yet, but I'm not holding my breath that this will make things all better.

So - really, we know nothing more than we did last week. But - the prevacid is starting to kick in I think, if you don't count the 3 screaming episodes of today....


Mama Reg said...

i appreciate your candid mommy blogs :) i have never gone through this, and i have GREAT respect for you!! you are an awesome mom!!

renee said...

oh andrea! you poor thing! and POOR G! {{{hugs}}} i really hope they get this figured out. (i assume they checked her for pyloric stenosis sp? b/c that causes the projectile vomiting) anyway good luck and it will all be over soon (i hope!)

Rachel said...

Hey mama-- I don't know much about formula feeding, but I know that Emma is 9 months old and only drinks 4 oz bottles of bm when I'm away from her... and I know that they allegedly only need an oz per hour of the day (at the least I think) so maybe the 2 oz in 2 hours is a good start? Just a thought :D. Esp with the cereal you may have to feed her less b/c the cereal is making it "more" food in a sense... did any of that make sense? Emma has kidney reflux and I could see her kidneys refluxing really bad on the xray- it was crazy so I know how you feel! And good luck on the organic cereal, that's all we used b/c of Emma's issues too. Good luck!

(PS If she's intolerant to the rice cereal ask about oatmeal, that should be fine too). :-D

Jules said...

Ugh, while I have a picky eater I'm glad we're not dealing with reflux - poor girl! Hope the prevacid starts really working soon