Wednesday, July 22, 2009

the reliables

This past week I have gone out twice sans baby. and sans husband.
Once for drinks, the other to see Mary Poppins with my sisters.

To be totally honest - before she was born, I thought I would go out a lot more often without her. But I don't. And I don't want to. I miss the little bug when I am away from her!! I don't know if it's because I am back to work so I don't get to see her all day or if she is just that fabulous that I want to hang out with her smiling self all the time. Probably both.

Also, another reason, I am picky on the babysitting. I have my reliables - mom, step-dad, sisters. I let them watch her without blinking twice. Anyone else, not so much. She is a bit of a tough cookie at times and I just don't want anyone who is not comfortable with her to be left alone. I don't care if you SAY you are comfortable, when she starts screaming bloody murder and wriggling around like she's possesed you are going to think twice. I do. If you can't spend more than an hour with her when her dad or I are present without getting a little twitchy & nervous, how can you watch her when we aren't there? And have me be okay with it? Sure, she is fun when she wants to be - but she sure has her moments..... So ya, I could leave her with more people - but she is my kid and I don't like to just "hand her off" if there is a way for her to come along to wherever we are going. And, I just won't do it if I don't feel comfortable, I can't.

We are going to a wedding this weekend, she's coming. All of my reliables will be there. I will leave early with her. It'll be okay.

Does anyone else have this problem? Do you want to take your little one with you if you can? do you only leave them with certain people?


Joy said...

We, hubby and I, are just like you guys. Our daughter can be quite the handful when she wants to be and there is no telling what might set her off. She's also quick to take advantage of someone who doesn't know her quirks so when we come back she's somehow convinced who ever is watching her that it's ok to shred all the toilet paper or feed the dogs all her dinner. Then it takes a couple weeks to break her of the habit...again. I think this is all just signs of smart children. I would say don't give yourself, or let anyone else, give you too much crap about it. The idea of a "date night" is almost nuts for us. We just don't want to do it. We do make our selves get our neighbor, who we trust to the ends of the Earth, to come over about once a month so we can go hit some tennis balls for a couple hours. But we plan it during her nap times so there isn't too much work to do on the neighbors part. Makes it easier on us all and we get a little away time together. Other than that we just switch off between ourselves when we need to get away and do something.

renee said...

oh i am with you 100% on this. my family members are the only ones i leave the kids with. with maria, it was b/c she was not just a normal baby. i had to give a class on the O2 and the monitor and meds etc. but now it's b/c there are so many of them that it takes experience and lots of hands, patience and LOVE to not freak out when they all get going. lol. we left the girls with joshs dad once....and that was the last time that will happen. lol.
i hope mary poppins was fun, it sounds like it was :D

Mama Reg said...

...i am the same way :) i too personally wonder if i need to give up the reigns a little more but then my mom instinct kicks in and i answer myself, no, i dont :)

i miss gabe anytime i am not with him :) i try to take him with me as much as possible lol. even if i am doing something incredibly wonderful and fabulous lol. i wonder how he is?? i miss him and all the funny stuff he does...

i also dont leave him with anyone other than family. he is well behaved enough, i just dont trust many...i sometimes wonder if i should work on that, but i have so many great people who will keep him i dont have to worry about it?!

there is one girl, who is 18 and her sister who is 10 who LOVE gabe. they beg me all the time to keep him lol. i have once left him with them for a little under two hours. of course, he was 1 so thats different than a newborn lol. and upon return i observed everyone was in very good spirits so i felt ok with it...

its ok to have your reliables, and be picky! and to miss her and want to be with her all the time!! i think its very refreshing to read this blog with you being a new mom and loving your baby to pieces! idk why some have kids! they pop em out and then act all exasperated to keep them all the time?! lol. everyone needs a break, but in general i think we should WANT to be with our babies... :)

Jules said...

Yeah I stick with reliables (and even then it's "here's the deal" on how things should go / if the girls are doing anything different)

I tend not to get out w/o babies very often just due to with two and living a bit out of the way - although if I need to get a lot accomplished errand-wise I don't mind if a "reliable" is on the watch.

Trish said...

The only people who have ever kept my children are my mom and my husband's mom. I just don't feel comfortable leaving them with anyone else- and they are 5 1/2 and 2!

Kara said...

I only have less than a handfull of people that I am comfortable with to watch my kids.. cuz first of all, my paranoia about what they eat... and second of all the fact that Kaelyn is only 6 months old and she wakes up at night and is a light sleeper. so really I only trust my mom, mother in law, sister in law, my cousin Alison who has a son and my dad and step mom. and to try to coordinate a night out is more of a headache than a help.. so basically (esp now cuz Josh is gone) I take my kids everywhere I go.. gas stations, grocery shopping, errands, anywhere. After a while you get so used to carrying everything you feel weird if you are just by yourself carrying your purse! LoL..but yes I totally get the thing about not trusting certain people. It's your kid.. you SHOULD be picky and cautious because you and daddy are TRUELY the only ones who know the ins and outs of your kid. I always have people telling me that if I need a break they will watch them... but I will not sleep unless I am absolutely sure they are properly taken care of