Monday, July 20, 2009

mommy body

Let's discuss something, ladies.

Body size compared to weight.

I know I have talked about my efforts to get back in shape on here a few times, but I had a realization over the past week.
I have lost a significant amount of the weight I put on, 12lbs left to go out of the 50+ I packed on! Yay!
I can tell I am losing weight, but I still do not feel like my clothes are fitting the way I want them too. For a fact my ribs expanded and have yet to return to their prior size. Also, my hips expanded the minute that embryo implanted into my uterus, and they also clearly have no plans on returning to "normal" on their own accord.

There is no question that when you get pregnant your body changes, but when does it change BACK?!! or does it not?
I would like to have my "regular" body back, the "mommy body" can go.....
Let's be honest - I know people that way the exact same amount I do yet they wear a totally different size pants then me. Different in the direction I would like to go, that is. It has come to my attention that it totally does not matter how many pounds you are, but the distribution of those pounds.
Currently, mine are distributed on my thighs, hips & tummy - helloooo child birth is over, the hips may return to their previously scheduled sizing.

Since I was sick as hell for the past week+ I haven't been able to run or workout, so that sucks. But I still lost another pound last week - so there was some success.


Joy said...

I call it the "redistribution of the assets" I lost all of my baby weight in about a year but still can't figure out where my hips really are. They used to be higher by about 2 inches...I think. Either that or I grew taller. I was warned about the possibility of not being able to fit in my shoes after pregnancy but no one ever warned me that my butt would migrate to a new location. I was so proud of myself for losing all my weight (70+ gained) but I guess I'll have to lose an extra 10 to convince my hips to come back home. My jeans miss them. All I can really say is you are not alone!

The Salem Family said...

That old body you speak of...yeah, it's gone, unless you are one of "those" woman who have their perfect figure back one week after birth. For most of us, forget it!

After Eli, I ended up getting below my pre-pg weight, but like you mentioned, everything moved around, lol! Now, with Miles I'm sure it will be even worse...except my boobs are nicer this time, and I don't want to lose those! (I know they'll deflate when I'm done hoo)

Anonymous said...

well, for me, my body hasn't been the same since kylie and each child has just made those hips a little wider. fun huh? and even when i lost around 30 lbs after i had brennen before I got pg with Emma, my hips were still massively disgusting! I still lost weight after Emma (around 20 more than I gained) and am still SLOWLY loosing but she is 9 months old now and more weight is just NOW starting to come off- I dont work out nearly as hard as you do though lol. But then you have krystal (stupid bitch lol) who lost all of her kaylee weight and was a size 4. Everyone is different and it takes a WHILE to get back if your body does want to spring back- did your moms after her pregnancies? That's kind of an idicator if yours will or not. My mom's didn't lol and mine didn't either. And give yourself at least 9 months before you start hating yourself. It took you 9 months to get it on it's going to take at least 9 mos to get it off :-D. good luck girl!

Jules said...

Yup - there with you. I'm at least going to "try" and be patient for a few more months - at least the IRL people I've talked to said to give it at least 6 months. But definitely have to start working out - pound-wise I'm <5lb off my pre-preggo weight but with the loss of muscle, not close at all to the same size

PITA isn't it?

Annegirrl said...

I feel for you. My body isn't even close to the same.

Hips - will never be the same, but I can fit into my old pants now.

Ribs - back to regular size...18 months later.

Boobs - gone. Like practically non-existent. *sigh*

renee said...

after i had maria i was back to my pre-preg weight, like immediately b/c i never really gained any. but like you said, it was in totally different places. i had to go up a size in jeans b/c i didn't want muffin-top. now with sophia and jackson, we just arent going to talk about that....but what you have going for you is that you work out a ton and you have always been such a healthy eater. i used to be able to eat what i wanted b/c i worked out. but now, i dont have any time to work out and i eat like a ya. lol

you're doing awesome though!!