Wednesday, July 8, 2009

hi friends

you know what, internets, life with a baby is WAYYY busier than it was without the baby. I was not sure that was possible?!

I still can not come up with a good routine for myself. Work all day, visit with the baby, put the baby to sleep, put myself to sleep.....
but you know what is missing in there?
Here let me show you: Husband, eating, chores, friends, general relaxing, exercising/losing my chub, husband.....

Further explanation:
I have not eaten a real dinner [on a work day] in weeks, not even exaggerating since i had cereal tonight. at 8:30.
I have had a shit ton of work - and I have to bring some of it home, so baby in bed - me working - hubby is lonely. And frankly, so am I.
I haven't seen my friends in WEEKS (maybe even a month?? longer for some of them).
My house looks like a bomb went off in it in the general areas of - bedroom, laundry area and kitchen 6.5/7 days of the week. [these are by my standards, which are high, we do not live in filth!]
Many things are on the back burner that probably shouldn't be - and I don't have energy to care.
[mom, close your eyes] We haven't had sex in far too long, and you know why, because by 9:15p I am heading for the bed and by 9:17p I am in dreamland. I would like to do it... birth control is in place [thank you Mirena] so no worries on that front but pass the ENERGY please! [ok, mom, you can look now]
Thankfully I do find time to workout/run - just not as often/as much as I would like too.

So, while my little angel has a great routine going most days [at least she goes to bed b/w 7-8 every night and stays there until 7-8 in the morning], her mama is struggling. Some days are so good.... most are so far from that. I need to get this under control before I start school next month because it is only going to get worse.

Then again, the busier I get, the more organized and time efficient I get too....
Not the point!

I want to enjoy the summer, the sunshine, my family. What is/are/do you suggest as a good routine that will give me time to get it all done while working full time?!! [and yes, Mike does help do things around here!]

p.s. i have like, a zillion ADORABLE pictures to show you. but they are all still on my camera. see, just one more thing that isn't getting done!


Jen said...

Not that I have some awesome routine or anything...but I have to get up at 4:30 in the morning to even come close to accomplishing things.

Up at 4:30...COFFEE

Fix hair, make up, get dressed.

Return emails, make bottles, finish laundry, and whatever else.

6-7 Livi up, visit with baby.

7 leave for work.

Lunch break - work out MWF, run errands TTh

5 home from work, visit baby.

6-7 Livi to bed.

7 make and eat dinner, clean house, shower, lay out clothes, pack lunch, say hi to Mark, thaw meat for tomorrow's dinner, return phone calls, laundry.

9 Pass out.

Rinse, repeat.

renee said...

sorry, no suggestions, just support and {{hugs}}. you will get into a comfortable routine soon and then you will look back on this and think "how did i do it all?". gl and don't be too hard on yourself. stuff will get done, when it gets done. :D

Trish said...

I wish I had the magic answer, because then I could totally write and sell it in book form. I had a hard time adjusting to my new routine after I had my first daughter. For me, it just slowly fell into place eventually. I think you sort of get used to a new "normal". You will also get used to functioning on less sleep and will be able to stay up later at night. For now, I just send you good thoughts and a cyber hug!

Anonymous said...

give the baby to aunt jacqui to babysit a night when she is off so you and mike can have relations

Jules said...

Yeah not sure how to fit everything in yet - and I'm not back to complete full time yet so can't wait for that. Relaxing? Sounds so nice....... :P

alicia said...

i can barely get things done and I am not working full time! so i have no advice for you! i am sure things will work themselves out soon, hang in there!

Kara said...

I would love to give you advice on this one but I can't.. just 3 kids.. 4.5 years later.. I still don't have set routine.. it's kind of like. oh I smell I need to take a shower.. and take out the trash while talking on the phone and screaming at Kohen to give Kaelyn her binkie.. and I don't even work anymore! so I give you this {{hug hug}} and tell you that eventually you will just adjust to a world of chaos. : )