Monday, July 27, 2009

milestone monday

You know how they have those "week by week" books that tell you what your kiddo should be doing developmentally? I think I don't like those very much. Because while G is fine, she is just a little slow on the uptake of new skills.

She smiles a lot more now, but still not a ton - and only if she feels like it. I typically get the stink eye from her.... And, if the camera is out - FOR.GET.IT!

She laughs, sometimes, I get giggles now and then. Again, on her terms. She is ticklish though, so that can usually at least get a little noise to come out of her :)

Grabbing at toys? She could care less 90% of the time - she has one toy on her carseat that she seems to really like to "play" with. The rest of them she likes to look at, and sometimes she will bat at/try to grab them - but usually she is content to just lay and flirt. I actually think a lot of the things she has kind of scare her -- for example, the links - if you shake them in front of her she just stares at you like you have 3 heads. Also, anything that vibrates - she gets this look on her face like "really, get that thing away from me!"
She hates to "stand" - as soon as she feels her feet under her - they are immediatly picked up. It's kinda funny. But then, she has trouble with her exersaucer too...
She does sit and hold her head up like a freaking champ. Very little support is needed.
She is definatly aware of her surroundings and she knows who mom and dad are - THAT is pretty awesome!
And today, she learned something else:
mom.. um... are you TRYING to get me to vomit? yes? ok....

Oh, nevermind. I will eat these awesome hands instead. NOM NOM

Hey, I bet these things would taste better if I were in a different direction.....

LOOK MAMA, I ROLLED OVER. Now, where are those hands again??

Belly to Back success for Miss G at 3.5months! She surprised herself when she did it, then she repeated the action, so I knew it was on purpose!


Rachel said...

umm what exactly is she behind on? Emma didn't roll over either way until she was 6 months old! Talk about a lazy baby! lol

aunt jacqui said...

Poor Gianna doesnt like to play and smile probably because she doesnt feel good 90% of the time!! i mean would you? she is the cutes niece ever and all I have to say is nice hair in these pics, lol!! love aunt jacqui

Jessica said...

Rolling over at 3.5 months - that's great!

My girls just rolled over and they are 6 months!