Thursday, February 26, 2009


this week I have felt totally drained. Sure, work has been crazy (oh and i got my raise!! AND the go ahead to work from home while on maternity leave - double yes!!) and life is moving full speed ahead, but I mean dang! I come home from work thinking about all the things I want to accomplish and just collapse instead. And stare at my ridiculously swollen feet. And wine b/c I am hungry but the raging fire in my esophagus makes nothing sound appealing. except bananas and applesauce.

I have seen my husband for a total of, oh 2 hours, maybe, since sunday. Lacrosse season started this week and they have a late practice - which means I am asleep by the time he gets home. He is asleep when I leave for work. I miss him already.

My brain is totally zapped too. I feel like I am barely functioning some times - like not one more coherent thought will make it out. and I have to start training someone to take over for me while I am gone at work starting monday - that should be interesting on many levels.

Tonight I was taking a shower and just stood there under the water thinking I just wished I could make myself take a bath b/c that would probably be relaxing. but i can't do it. I can't sit in my own dirt and soak.... I know I could shower first but gah so much work there. I have slowly been cutting back the amount of times I shave my legs b/c well, I am not a damn acrobat. Sorry honey.

Baby girl is getting excited for her shower on Saturday (ok, mommy is excited) and looking forward to seeing everyone. She also makes her presence very much known pretty much all day long sometimes painfully known. I really am starting to get very excited to meet her. Not at all prepared, but definatly getting more excited.


Amy said...

Congratulations on getting that raise and being able to work from home!!

alicia said...

I am so pooped out too! it is so hard to do anything after work! that is great that you got a raise and can work from home! yuppee!! sorry you haven't seen your hubby lately, i would go crazy!

have sooo much fun at the shower! yay she is almost here!

Tiffanie said...

hells yea for the raise! i hope you get some awesome stuff at your shower. and, the pics of your sister's wedding are beautiful.