Wednesday, February 4, 2009

open mouth:insert foot

I am always bitching about not being busy at work.
I got a promotion last week - yay! Not really a whole ton busier.
Got another persons job piled on top of mine yesterday. Now - just unorganized and more busy than I expected!

Busy is a good thing in my world and I am not complaining about that part.
The unorganization of my desk is what is KILLING me! I want to clear everything off and start over - but I don't have time.....

I'll survive right?!

Now - I need that effing raise. like 2 weeks ago.

On a totally unrelated note - I am getting pretty pumped for my baby shower in a few weeks - especially now that I know a few people who I haven't seen in a long time will be there - I miss them!


alicia said...

wow that is so crazy girl! I can't work on a cluttered desk either! haha I need things to be clean and oragnized!

ohh yay baby shower! have so much fun!

Tiffanie said...

awww, congrats on finding out you are having a girl! must be something w/ the nesties board - you are all having girls! (well, jenm is having both, but you know what i mean!)

i can't wait to hear her name:)