Wednesday, February 11, 2009

final count down

no i am not referring to my pregnancy - more like the final countdown to an end and a beginning.

The end:
I have to make an official decision to ask for an extension of my leave of absense @ the medical school, or let them know I am not returning officially. Even if I ask for the extension, I may not get it. It is a lot for me to think about - which means I have been trying NOT to think about it.
Also an end to my financial freedom so to speak! All of my student loans are offically back into repayment and this is a ridiculously hard thing for me to deal with - emotionally and logically. I have most of it under control but it is still pretty scary especially considering the other life changes coming down the pipe.....

The beginning:
there are lots of beginnings happening - not all for me. My sister is getting married next week and I am so excited for them. we have big plans on friday night which is exciting!! I think we have finally come to a decision about child care which is good. And the one that makes me the most excited - my job is getting much better and i am anticipating a large raise this week or next (which will help the whole end problem.... and many other things!)


Mel said...

It's amazing how everything all happens at once in life, seriously! When it rains, it pours, eh?
Hang in there, you'll figure it all out!

alicia said...

wow big exciting times are ahead for you hey? I hope you can figure out the medical school, student loan situation. it sounds like you have a plan hidden in there somewhere, so I am sure you will be fine. and congrats about the job! that is so wonderful.