Saturday, February 7, 2009

she rocks saturday....

What the hell am I talking about? she who?!!
Alicia that is who. For inspiring a few people to Pay it Forward (little old me included) I don't have super cute graphic she posted - but check out the link. the idea is to take 2 random readers from your blog and make them something - anything you want - and sent it to them within a year. I might not show it, but I can be pretty creative! The only catch is - those 2 readers have to do the same thing. Who doesn't love to open an unexpected card, batch of cookies or really anything that isn't a bill when you come home from work?
Awesome Alicia is making ME a card - I love those things!!!

So - participate, let me know if you're in and I will figure out something cool!

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alicia said...

yay!!! I am glad you are so excited! so am I! Your the first to post about this, so I will get your cards done first! yuppee :)