Wednesday, February 18, 2009

scattered and fragile

You know when you so much on your mind that you can't quite figure out how to get it all out of there?
I am having that problem.
It's mostly all unrelated stuff that is happening at the same time.
And my brain - well - baby girl has apparently outgrown my stomach and is also taking up space in the brain too!

so excuse me world, if i have been a little off lately. and please be gentle, i am also fragile.

example of my fragile-ness: we were trying to pick a song for my sister's wedding, I cried like a baby at oh, every song, that we listened too. [now, i am normally pretty sappy, but that is extreme even for me] I have to give a speech at her wedding - I can't write it b/c everytime I start to even think about it [like now....] I cry. Industrial size box of kleenex needed

example of my scatterbrain-ness: I have been working on getting a raise. My boss was out of town for like a week or so and he just came back monday. So, at the most complete wrong time, I asked him if anyone had talked to him about it. I would never normally just blurt something like that out - at least not in a public area! I am typically more of the email question-asker. Immediatly wished I was more flexible so I could shove my foot in my mouth. [luckily it went ok, still no raise yet though that I know of....but I did get a $50 gift card for doing an awesome job last month]

And as a side note -- my stomach= gone. squished to the size of a pea. my appetite? growing. what do you think this situation is doing for my mental status?!! yes it's a wonderful place to be.....


alicia said...

its weird how babies seem to grow from the stomach all the way to the brain! haha I know what you mean about being emotional! I am a wreck! soon we will be done this madness and will have crying babies to deal with, not crying seleves!

Anonymous said...

They uncontrollable tears are God's way of getting back at you for everytime you laughed at your mom when she cried at a "Kleenex" commercial! It's part of motherhood - get used to it! I'm sure we will all need to share that industrial size box of tissue tomorrow.