Saturday, February 14, 2009

let the madness begin

this weekend is the start of my crazy crazy schedule that continues, oh, until baby girl gets here.

Last night was a fabulous night out with the girls to celebrate my twin sisters wedding next weekend. We had a great dinner at a hibachi resteraunt followed by this hot pregnant mama getting hit on by a few guys at the bar.... i know i know, i am good! lol
today was just busy running around and getting the house cleaned up.
tomorrow is a wedding shower for my friend's wedding that i am in next month. stay tuned for the rest of the crazieness to come the next 2 months and pictures of course!

In the meantime, I need to get our taxes finished which is a true nightmare (oh how i wish it were cut and dry!) and get a few other important things situated. There is so much to be done before this wonderful little girl gets here - but I am confident it will happen, I work well on a timeline.

So, I need some advice. What do I need to know before this baby gets here? What do I HAVE to have in order to survive after her arrival? The husband and I have really been enjoying "our" time together, especially this week, and we are really trying to cherish the time that it is just the two of us as much as we can. The more excited he gets and the more he talks about becoming a dad the more excited I get. I know we will both be fine but I hate being unprepared!

Speaking of wonderful little girls coming into the world - Jen had her baby girl today!! What a perfect day to welcome a much wanted and much loved child into the world.


Tiffanie said...

nice job getting hit on! and, that was so nice of your dh to get you that gift cert!

renee said...

afa what you need to survive after baby girl gets here, here goes...

1)lots of meals in the freezer
2)a great diaper pail
3)really absorbant burp cloths. i swear by cloth diapers. they are really thick and you can bleach them b/c they're white
4)disposable deodorized diaper bags and the dispenser. they are to put dirty diapers or clothes with spit up on them so you dont have the smell in your diaper bag or in someones trash. they are super cheap and really amazing. (like under $5)
thats all i can think of at the moment other than the obvious stuff like bouncy chair, boppy, bottles (tons if ur not bf'ing)

alicia said...

wow busy lady! at least these last 2 months will fly by for you :)

I am having the same worried panic attacks about not being ready for this baby and freakin our about being totally prepared. I don't knwo though! I think ppl get by with very little for an infant, i watched this baby story eposode the other day adn the couple had nothing ready, and they did fine! haha so that made me feel better!

yay to Jen and her baby girl!

Kara said...

First off I'm so excited that your sis is getting married! tell her I said congrats!
Second.. about being ready. essentials for after baby..
1- lots of sanitary pads.. if you think you have enough.. get more! lol
2- burp cloths work better than bibs and they catch anything that would otherwise fly in your face
3- a good swing, a good vibrating bouncer seat and any kind of music/mobile.. without these 3 things life will be hell
4- for diaper changing, disposable changing pads work wonders because like when feeding... during a diaper change you never know what's going to fly out!
5- throw away your planner.. just when you think you got things under control shit hits the fan!
6- a good fluffy pillow for, you know, that one to two hours you will actually sleep at night.

LOVE YOU! I made this humerous but trust me, coming from a pro, you will soon understand!