Friday, December 19, 2008

update on the little one and the mommy

24wks here we come.....
So I had my appt today - it went fine. I have apparently gained more weight in a month than I should have, as the first thing he said was "I see you ate well over the holiday..." oops? I don't feel like I eat too much - but the baby is really loving oreo's and milk...every night... that could have a thing or 2 to do with it? So i should cut that out.. and probably the weekly (or biweekly) high calorie coffee drinks? He said overall he is not that worried but to just be careful. Ok doc, no christmas cookies for me I get it!

I am measuring perfectly he said. The little one was "slightly girl" today - as has been the case with all of our appts. (I am a bad mom and never remember to ask what exactly that heartrate is!). To this comment he got a swift kick in the hand - not sure if it was in agreement or disagreement but it was perfectly timed!
He said I look pregnant too... is that a compliment? I thought I have "looked" pregnant for at least 10wks now! You be the judge....
I would also like to draw your attention to the bellybutton.... it expanded quickly and now is rebelling against the karate chops that can be felt for most of the day.
I have this other problem... swollen feet... very swollen feet. Since my b/p was high today I figured I should mention this to him. (not worried about the b/p, there was an ice storm last night and I get very nervous when I have to drive on shitty roads) He said it will get worse before it gets better and to "get horizontal" as much as I can.... ok I will have to tell my boss I must lie down at work?!

these lovely ankles are the product of wearing heels to work... I know they don't look THAT bad, but you should have seen them as soon as I got home - my maleoli (or ankle bones) were completly hidden by puffy pregnant cankles! and my toes look like unpainted sausages..... stay tuned for more exciting pictures such as these in the weeks to come :)
Overall, i'm great, baby's great. nxt up - christmas and then my glucose test.


Mel said...

Cute pictures! You look great! I have been terrible about indulging in sweets every night, too. Ugh. It's just so damn irresistible right now. Skinny me would kick my ass, but whatever.
Glad everything is going so well!! ;)

alicia said...

yay I am glad you are doing great!!! wow you look soo much more pregnant than I do! haha. Your belly is wonderful! I am jealous still :)

Erin said...

I can't believe how fast your pregnancy has flown!!! (of course, I'm sure it's easier for me to say that on this side of things) You look beautiful!

Tiffanie said...

cute pics! and good luck on the acceptance to the Master's program:)

Kelly said...

You look great!

momofonefornow said...

Hey Andrea,

I am praying my way through my blogroll today and I just wanted to let you know that I prayed for you and your cankles today. :0)

Ok, so more for a healthy rest of your pregnancy!

Brooke said...

Aww you look cute. My feet got wicked swollen too.

Don't sweat the weight gain. I gained 12 lbs in 4 weeks one visit. It happens.