Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Chin Up

you know, kind of like glass half full?

I promised to post about this last week and got busy/forgot. The husband got some motivation and decided on something that may be great for him. He is going to be starting at a school for broadcasting in our area - it's accredited in the field and is a 10month program with high job placement. Everything will get finalized tomorrow for him to start in either jan. or feb. and I know that he is really excited about it. I am very proud of him because I know he is going to do great, that it is something he loves to do.

I also mailed in my application for the masters program I hope to get accepted into for next year. It's something I have wanted to do for a long time and whether or not I go back to medical school it is something that I want to do. March I will find out for sure if I got in.

A few other things that have made me really nervous lately are working themselves out in a way, which is nice.

The little one is practicing gymnastics in my uterus as of late - it's a really strange feeling! One thing that I have started to notice is my belly button.... first it got really flat.... now it is starting to poke out a little bit, but only on one side. I hope it goes back to it's cute little self when the expansion is over! Mike is getting even more excited about becoming a dad and that in itself is a pretty amazing feeling. As much as I worry about all kinds of things - as my mom told me today - we will fake it until we figure it out! (but I think we have some good role models, so I am not that worried!)

Attempting to keep the chin up as much as possible these days.
besides, it helps disquise the "pregnancy" double chin I am sporting.....


jacqui said...

OH NO!! You mean you might end up with an outie?? what is this world coming too!! LOL!

Amy said...

Yay for the hubs!

I wish my belly button would have popped. Instead I had a huge, shallow crater instead. If I didn't keep it covered, it would have probably swallowed small children.