Sunday, December 14, 2008

christmas past, present and future

I was catching up via my googlereader this am and saw a great post by Amy.

My favorite christmas traditions from when I was little:
-- going to my great aunt mary's on xmas eve for all the traditional italian food and family
-- getting our stocking "bags"
-- christmas morning breakfast = cinammon rolls, (recently french toast casserole) egg nog, oj
-- taking turns to open presents & show off each one (we have continued this even though most of us are grown up and out of hte house, we always go to my mom's for christmas morning!)
-- playing the christmas light game while driving around
-- cookies! - and now chocolate covered goodies.
-- leaving cookies and milk for santa with a carrot for the reindeer
-- going to see the christmas tree display after thanksgiving every year

i am sure there are more, but it's early!

Traditions I want to start with our little one: (and some that we do already!)
-- family pictures each year on christmas (and before for the cards!)
-- opening one present on christmas eve
-- reading a christmas book on christmas eve before bed
-- watching the classic xmas movies (this one is for daddy!)
-- continuing the christmas morning breakfast!
-- seeing santa
-- mailing/receiving letters from santa (you know, when they are older!)
-- having christmas at our house

i'll have to see what Mike wants to do too -- he loves the holidays!
(little one, you certainly have a lot to look forward to next year!)

and today is a very special day. it's my mom's birthday!!!

we got her something fabulous and I can't wait until she sees it. It has been another very wonderful year for her and she continues to give me a lot to live up to in the mom department.

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kristina said...

We played the light game on the way to and home from Jacqui's last night!

That has to be one of my favorite of our traditions,esp since Mom used to play with Grandma!

Can't wait to be the favorite Aunt next christmas! (the baby's going to be so big by then! Ahh!) lol