Thursday, December 11, 2008

how i am feeling and how my day is going (and subsequently how i look).

I have a cold.
it won't go away.
it's make me cranky and irritable (ok more so than I was before).
I feel bad for the people I work with - they probably think I am effin crazy. Literally I started crying because someone gave me attitude back about something - not in front of them, but close. Can you say sick, hormonal pregnant lady on the loose? I bet there are a few ppl in this office that can.....
ugh. I should totally just go home like everyone keeps telling me too - but alas, I am also a stubborn, sick, hormonal, pregnant lady.


on a side note - I am very proud of my husband. More on that tomorrow......

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alicia said...

awe, being sick sucks! especially when you add in PG hormones! don't worry, lash out all you want, cry all you want, you have a great excuse!! i know i have been, i am a mess over here :)