Wednesday, October 1, 2008

hey there old friend

how is everyone today? good huh?! great news!!

i am actually feeling halfway decent today - must be the mexican i ate for dinner! The headaches so don't want to go away, but hey i can deal b/c i get to show this off:

now that my work knows (and my boss hugged me in congratulations) i feel so much better, and they all finally admit that they started to notice something changing. My clothes so do not fit - at least my pants, even hard to wear some of them with the bella band b/c they won't zip at all. embarrassing. and the shirts - just a little tight, kind of sausage looking at times.
The baby is getting really spoiled already - grandma and grandpa miller(!) bought the baby a bunch of stuff from the carribean while on the honeymoon. (including a cute dress... think they want a girl?!) And the aunts are buying such cute outfits already :)
And in other news
I have finally started to work on the (long) application process for the masters program i am going to start next fall. I will be really ready to learn by then i think. The option of finishing my MD is still on the table for the future - not the really near future, but maybe when i finish the masters. one step at a time i guess, see where my heart is after each one. So, that is the education news for now. currently trying to educate myself on all the crazy stuff that happens to your body during pregnancy and where to deliver said baby.
That is enough for now huh? I have a little vent to get out - but I will save it for later since I am in a good mood tonite!


Amy said...

I'm glad to hear you are feeling better. Sorry about the continued headaches. I've been getting them too. Had the worst one EVER two weeks ago. Hopefully they will go away (for both of us).

Mel said...

cute belly shot!!!!
i had to start buying maternity right around the start of the second trimester (14w). the bella band completely stopped working somewhere in there somehwere. sausage looking is a great description!!!

kccat said...

Awesome news about your boss. That's great. Even more awesome news about going back to school.

alicia said...

awe what a great belly shot! I am glad your boss took the news so well! yay things sound great!

Anonymous said...

Time to do some maternity shopping...