Thursday, October 23, 2008


we had our first hospital tour last night.

I can officially say I am overwhelmed by the idea of physically giving birth. It is one thing that I prefer to leave to the later months in pregnancy (or you know... when the time comes). Here are the specs.
  • 3 ppl allowed in the birthing suite, 4 ppl allowed in the post partum rooms at a time
  • birthing rooms are very large and pretty "homey"
  • everyone was really nice & accomodating
  • dad can spend the night as long as you have a private pp room

those were the highlights for us. hospital #2 is next weekend to compare and then decide. I wasn't overly impressed or disappointed, both are good things!


Jen said...

Oh, man. We had a really hard time deciding because both hospitals were so nice and pretty much the same, IMO.

We went with the one that was easier to navigate! :)

Good luck with the decision!

alicia said...

I am glad the first one looked alright! I hope you find the perfect one :)

Brooke said...

I delivered at City and was really happy with my experience there. Alan stayed the entire time I was at the hospital and never left. I think a non-private room is pretty rare. Good luck with your decision.