Thursday, October 16, 2008

it's my belly and.....

and i decide who touches it.


it has been a really sad week for both of our families. We each lost a sibling to a grandparent on monday. Mine was my great aunt - my grandma's sister - who passed away 10yrs to the day of my grandma who i adore more than anyone in this world [maybe even more than my mom, her daughter] , they were the same age when they passed away. Today we celebrated the life of Mike's great uncle - his grandfather's brother - who mike was also very fond of. It is always nice to see family, if only the circumstances could have been better. I have a hard time dealing with death in general, I don't like to talk about it much. Yesterday was especially hard for me, I miss my grandparents very very much, I cry when I think of them and how happy they would be for me, but I know they are going to help me/us in the years to follow & I know my grandma is happy to have her sister with her as well.

so back to the belly thing - with all the family and them finding out I am expecting - they had, clearly, no choice but to touch my stomach. a lot. It is ok for some people to do it - but otherwise no. I also did not enjoy my MIL pointing out my stomach this evening and referring to it as her grandchild. sure, there is a baby in there, but until it is outside of this stomach - I am still me and that is a part of my body that happens to be growing at a rapid pace.

So - moral of the story, it is now pretty obvious to everyone that I am with child, no need to make them feel stupid by pointing it out. And we miss our loved ones all day everyday.


alicia said...

so sorry for your loss's. What a hard week.

I do love your belly though! I soo wish mine would show up already!

Twin B said...

I am the only one who has full access to touching when ever I want. Dont forget that!

Nili said...

I hear you on the belly touching thing..every time my MIL sees me she pats my tummy and coos about her grandbaby in there...I don't like it at all.