Sunday, September 28, 2008


who doesn't love them?!! i mean honestly - even if they are over the internet kind of presents - still awesome!

so Erin left me a little gift over at her blog* -- so fun! you must read her stuff she's hilarious and making great strides to accomplish her goals.

so - 7 weird/strange things about me (be prepared!)
1) if there is a blanket around, i must cuddle with it. i will open the window to prevent overheating if i have to - but i must have the blanket wrapped around me!
2) laundry is the worst chore in the world. yet i will not let the husband do it for me - he doesn't do it right and then i get all pissy about it. so i am pissy when it comes time to clean the clothes and i am pissy if he helps - lose:lose!
3) the thought of eating jello skeeves me out. i hate that stuff (even with your choice of alcohol in it) and it makes me all pukey.
4) i can't lay in bed when i wake up - not for more than like 10minutes. i get all antsy and just have to start doing something, like brushing my teeth, immediatly!
5) i do not like watching the same movie twice. i mean if it's on tv and there is nothing else on, ok i'll do it. but i do not desire to see something when i already know what will happen at the end.
6) the sound of someone sniffling drives me NUTS! just blow your damn nose already. sheesh.
7) when i take a shower - the first thing i must do is wash my hair. every.time. even if i just showered that morning, it doesn't matter! once my hair gets even a tiny bit wet - game on!

annnd the people i think who should reveal some thing about themselves are:
Annegirrrl - The passing there
Jill - Maybe it's just me
Amy - amilou
jamie - 2+1 makes 3

AND my most bestest new blogger!!

*am too lazy to post that pretty picture here.... sorry!

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Erin said...

I'm right there with you on the blankets! My FIL automatically hands me a blanket every time I walk into their house as his little joke about the fact that I'm always cold... I love it because I usually end up using said blanket after a few minutes. :)