Thursday, October 9, 2008

rockin' husbands friday!

so there is a very good reason that he rocks this week.

he let me sleep on his side of the bed.

might not seem like much - but i have been sleeping like complete shit lately and he thought that might help. it did. such a thoughtful, sweet man he is to give up his sleeping position.

why does your husband (or best friend or mom or whoever) rock this week?!!


JenM said...

That DOES rock! I am wondering if we are going to have to switch too so I can more comfortably sleep on my left side. Although I'm imagining needing a whole second bed by the time I'm done expanding.

Zach & Jamie said...

My mom rocks all the time but she really rocks this week because she kept me company while my husband was out of town on a hunting trip for 11 days. She came over several times, helped me paint & re-decorate... and we shopped for the baby!
And my husband rocks as always for rubbing my back & preparing bubble baths when I need them. :)