Tuesday, October 14, 2008


why is it that when people refer to a pregnant women they:

a) talk with their hands to indicate you are getting fatter & possibly going deaf &/or forgot the state of your body at the moment.
b) must reiterate to you just how much you are eating
c) ask, a lot, "how many babies are in there?" and say "are you sure?" when you reply 1.
d) act as if you can not do anything for yourself.... (ok, maybe this one isn't so bad sometmes!)

to answer all of these questions...

a) i know i am getting bigger, that there is a baby in there, and my hearing is fine.
b) i also know that I am hungry a lot - leave me alone!
c) yes, 1. that i know of. will get a definate answer for you thursday.
d) thanks for all the help, but sometimes i want to do it myself! (only sometimes though....)


Anonymous said...

Seriously..."c" is one of the most annoying things I get. From one lady in particular at work, but regardless...people need to chill out! Your belly is supposed to get big! Doesn't mean there's more than 1 in there! People I tell ya!

Jen said...

Yeah, my sister in law? The one who weighed over 300 L-B's? And then had gastric bypass? She has made it a point to tell me how many calories are in the foods I'm eating ever since I got pregnant.

Thanks, but I usually get my diet tips from nonbariatric patients.

alicia said...

yes there are some very annoying ppl out there! ppl are always commenting on what I am eating!!!

But I much rather these questions and statments then the infertiltiy ones I was getting, ahhh those drove me CRAZY!!!!!!!!!

Tiffanie said...

perhaps a swift gut punch will alleviate some of the nonsense?