Wednesday, September 3, 2008

have you missed me?

I have been SO busy lately - what with actually working nowadays and the busy weekend and all. It's ok, I am thankful for that, mentally at least - my body is telling me something different. Tired beyond belief, alldaysickness doesn't want to go away and migraines (but the new medicine is working a little). But you know what - I am 8w4d and I couldn't be happier despite all of this...

Mike had a great birthday! We baked in the sun at the indians game with 2 of our best friends and had a great day hanging out with them followed up by a labor day cookout with my family and lunch with his parents. We're going to be getting a GPS for his birthday - so his present is a little late. Although the baby did get him a tshirt of his favorite team.... michigan... i swear it was from the baby and not me! (Go Bucks!!)

I actually have some very interesting news, but it will have to wait until I have more time/energy.

In the mean time, visit Tiffanie (and her guest blogger Colleen) as they await baby Mason's arrival. [she was induced yesterday afternoon]


JenM said...

Of course we missed you! It sounds like a good weekend, and I hope you feel better soon. Not too much better though, because you are pregnant after all :-)

alicia said...

you are leaving me hanging girl!! with all this talk of news and life descions and then no post about it!!!