Thursday, September 25, 2008

forgive me internet, i have been a bad blogger

i am so sorry for the lack of posting/updating on the excitment of my life. things have been CRAZY (and i have been beyond tired). I try to stay off the computer at night if mike is here since i hardly get to see him. he gets jealous of you!

So --- what is up with everyone? I need to check my reader before it explodes, but it too will have to wait b/c i am busy eating jojo's and getting psyched for gray's anatomy to come on.

My life has been busy and boring at the same time. I am working on getting the pictures from my mom's wedding edited so I can show some more off. Working on a lot of things for lacrosse this season - some changes, some boring stuff - just being a good coach's wife!
Ummm oh, work is good - busy, less boring - so that is a plus. I am going to get my "promotion" or whatever they are going to call it in a week or so, that is exciting! Still haven't told them about the baby yet - I was all psyched up to do it today and of course the boss wasn't in. I have "popped" as they say to the point that it is un-hidable! I don't mind of course, but it makes it hard to say "oh ya, that beer is really catching up to me" when it's pretty obvious no beer drinking has been going on!
When/if you had to tell your new boss about your pregnancy - how did you do it? I am so perplexed on this, I ask mike everynight what to do! Did you write it up somehow formally or just tell them? I fully intend on working until I can't anymore and being back in 6wks (ok I would like 8 but i know that won't fly!) so it's not like I am leaving forever. I would love some opinions on this one.

That is really all the excitment I can handle for one post - that and my jojo's are getting cold....

I promise to be better and tell you more exciting things next time - preview: the plans for school, moving?!!, pictures pictures and more pictures. stay tuned.....

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Annegirrl said...

Hey! I thought my husband was the only one that got jealous of my computer time.

My announcement to work was pretty informal since I work with my best friend's mom. I just stopped when my boss had a free minute and sat down and blurted it out. Told him my due date, that I would be taking the 6 weeks paid time off and be back to work right after that.