Friday, September 19, 2008

My Husband Rocks x2

So with last week being so busy, I didn't get around to telling you all about why he rocks so much.

Last week, I had my first (and so far only) bought of actual morning sickness. on the way to work. in my car. ya - it freaking sucked. I had to come home and change and such - and while i was doing that, my husband cleaned my car for me! I mean really, I can't say I would do such things for him - but he didn't even hesitate. It was the greatest thing he did for me last week.

This week - it's just because. he is working hard, very involved in everything with the pregnancy, helpful in about a million ways, and really - mostly b/c he had dinner ready for me last night when I walked in the door!


A happy heart at home said...

Wow, he did some neat things for you!


The Crazy Life of a Navy Wife said...

yay for an awesome hubby!!!

polkadotmom said...

You guys are just so perfect for eachother!

Rachel said...

awww yay mike! it's soooo nice when the hubby is on board too- i couldnt imagine going through this alone :-\.