Saturday, September 20, 2008

Houston, we have a heartbeat!

We went to the Dr. yesterday - and he found our little one's hearbeat almost right away! As far as we know, there is only one in there - despite the speculation there may be two! It was just beating away as fast as could be - the dr. said according to the old wives tales it's a girl! - but really, who listens to those things!! Everything else looked good, great in fact is what he told us! We really need to make a decision on if we are going to have a midwife or dr. deliver for us - we are leaning toward dr. And we have to decide which hospital to deliver at, probably going to be scheduling tours here in the next few weeks so we know before our next appt. The main reason we want to figure it out now is that different sets of dr.'s in the practice I see deliever at different hospitals - so we want to get to know the people who could be there with us!

And - what everyone really cares about - the belly!



kccat said...

Yea for a heart beat!!!

Rachel said...

totally love the belly band- i STILL use mine at 37 weeks! It's Anyways- yay for a heartbeat! When is your ultrasound? Did you get one at your 1st appointment? My vote is go with dr but thats just me lol. Also- I don't know your choices for delivery but I delivered all 2 (almost 3?) at City and LOVED it there so if you're taking votes there's mine lol. Anyways- I think a hospitals a hospital, it really depends on the nurses you have lol so anyways- yay for baby! AND maybe I'll be doing my clinicals by the time you have the baby and I'll get to take care of you...haha wishful thinking...alright hun, congrats again! Ittyl!

alicia said...

yay heartbeat!!

and look at the precious belly! love it!

Mel said...

cute belly and nothing more exciting than that heartbeat!!!! yay!!

Tiffanie said...

congrats on a great dr's appt!