Monday, September 8, 2008

have pregnancy, will eat

today was grocery shopping day. let me back up by telling you that we really only "shop" about once a month or two and pick up little things in b/w. We always shop together - ya wierd i know!
So back to the story -- I am going up and down the aisles like usual, grabbing up every yummy thing I can find to eat b/c i was STARVING!! Hubs was laughing at me the whole trip, it was a pretty hilarious time. And you will be happy to know (mom & jacqui) that I got good food to eat and the baby will not starve - at least not this week!


On a seperate note -- my mom's wedding is the weekend! It should be a great time as long as I can sit down in my dress - which is slightly tight in the waist.... but anywho! We are finishing up all the last minute stuff (you know, on top of real life stuff) and saturday is pamper-ourselves day - who doesn't love a mani/pedi?!! So if I am slightly MIA for the next few days you have been warned.

Anything exciting going on with any of my supurb readers? Tell me - I would love to know!


Mel said...

I have been on a weird junk food mission at the grocery store lately, too! I came home with oatmeal cream pies, break and bake chocolate chip cookies, cheetos and 2 bags of m&m's this week. I NEVER buy junk food-my husband about fell on the floor he was so shocked! I think I need a personal shopper... I may never eat nutrious food again. :)

Zach & Jamie said...

I buy the craziest things at the grocery store... and you're not weird. My husband and I ALWAYS grocery shop together too. I went one time by myself and it was last week... I came home with laffy taffy, orange sherbet, a pack of lunchmeat, lucky charms, a jar of pickles, and skim milk. THAT WAS IT! Mind you... I was supposed to be shopping for us for the remainder of the week. Needless to say- he probably won't let me go again on my own, at least while I'm pregnant! :) Glad to hear that all is well! And you & I will definitely have to share baby picture ideas! Keep in touch~ Jamie

alicia said...

I am so impressed you were able to grocery shop!! when I went the other day, almost every food made me gag and when wakling past the cold meat section, the smell of the cold meaty air had me running to the washroom!! I came home with cereal, milk, cheese, crackers and sparkling water...i was supposed to shop for the next 2 weeks! ha ha.