Tuesday, June 25, 2013

{working} mom problem #873: Sleepy

Clearly one of the less than fun parts of having a baby is the overnight portion of their programming – not a secret really.  I don’t know any adult who enjoys sleeping in two hour increments, but it goes with the territory. 

Aleesia is a very inconsistent sleeper – sometimes she sleeps until 6am; most often she wants to snack & party at 4am but is usually back asleep by 5am; other times she is up every two hours for her binkie and quick comforting.

And occasionally we are up at 3am to eat. then with reflux issues. And gas issues. And finally, for a cuddle.  Then again at 5:45am to burp and snuggle in for the rest of her deep, snore-producing, sleep.6.25 2

This is all fine.  The snuggles are adorable.  On the weekend.


During the week? As much as I cherish this slumbering babe – I would also like to be snoring.  I am cranky when I’m tired and that doesn’t make for a pleasant work day.  It also means by 11am I need to hold my eyelids open with toothpicks and wonder if anyone would notice if I laid my head down real quick.  I regularly look like I could either fall asleep, cry, or start a wave of maniacal laughter.  I may or may not actually do 1, 2, or all 3 of these things at my desk daily. 

Not to say that being up all night is ever easy or fun, but if I wasn’t required to functionally use my brain until after 1pm on days like this would be so.much.easier.  And – I would love to just sit here with this (finally) peacefully sleeping girl until she woke up on her own.  Except I don’t know if that is an excusable reason to be late (it should be) & my pjs won’t quite pass as business casual – so I need to try and stealthily put her back in her crib and hope for the best.  Or, just wake up her daddy to take over.

6.25 4

It’s funny how much of the newborn fog I forgot about.  Also, G was a champion night sleeper early on so we didn’t have too many long nights.) I really do feel like I’m just pushing through this haze of sleep deprivation/work/life/etc. and I probably am which is okay  - I know the haze lifts eventually.

I am trying to train myself to be a morning person to combat and embrace the 4am party time.  Let’s just say it is a slow process with a steep learning curve. 

Until then – I am accepting donations of strong coffee, under eye puff-reducing lotion & sleepy baby tips.

6,25 3


Deborah said...

Oh, this is so me! Falling asleep on the drive INTO work, forgetting about big things I should be working on.... I live in daily fear that someone's going to call me on it, and that sucks. C recently dropped from 3 niht wakings to 2 (occasionally one), so it helps a little. But there's only so long I can do sub-par work!

Danifred said...

Oh that new baby fog. *shaking my head* Hang in there Mama!