Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday Night: catching up

I feel like I just need to catch up. With a lot of things, not the least of which is blogging and reading blogs (I am embarrassed at how long it has been since my google reader has been open)

In the spirit of catching up – bullet points:

  • When I was sorting baby clothes before Aleesia was born I donated a LOT of (seriously cute) summer clothes in 0-3m size.  My baby was due the end of January – no way would she be in that size by summer! HA! My four month old is barely 10 pounds.  Ya, we could use those clothes now….
  • But! It was a reason to get her some really cute stuff for summer.  Although she could use more.
  • Breastfeeding/pumping is still a tricky situation.  We are working through it and supplementing consistently.  Which is okay. 
  • I need to not let other people get in my head about what/how much/when she eats.  I get frustrated because I really have no control over things all week since I am at work, but Mike has things under control, I think.  She is obviously unsatisfied at the breast 98% of the time – so that is frustrating, but again, we are working through it as best we can.
  • There is more I want to say on this topic, but I find myself really sensitive to what other people say, even when  I don’t want or mean to be.
  • I started the 30 day shred this past week.  I NEED to workout because it makes me feel good.  I also took “before” pictures.  I like to torture myself. But I hope to see some change once it’s all over.  I am already planning on attempting to do insanity once it’s over.
  • I also NEED to workout because we are going to the beach in 2 months.  I would like to get a handle on this fluff by then.
  • That beach vacation can’t come soon enough.  We are going with 2 other families and it is going to be so much fun!
  • Gianna had her dance recital last week.  It was freaking adorable. But OMGAH dance is such serious business.  So many extra rehearsals and practices and rules.  But the recital was really nice and Gianna hammed it up big time.  who cares if she didn’t really do her routines?
  • She did two routines (one ballet, one tap) and we didn’t get home until  9 from the (closed!) dress rehearsal and after 10 from the recital.  But it was worth it – she hammed it up.  And we brought one of her BFF’s with us to watch her, so it was fun!
  • After her dress rehearsal she told me that Jack’s sister was “the most prettiest ballerina ever” because she wore a really pretty pink outfit and she had her hair in a bun.  She hasn’t stopped talking about her ever since.  She has also said many times that she can’t wait to dance like the big kids and that Aleesia can be in the little kids class when she is “growned bigger”.
  • I say it all the time, but watching life evolve through her eyes is truly such an amazing thing. 
  • It seems I can’t really keep up with life too well these days.  I had to actually put a reminder in my phone to pay bills.  And to put the bills in the mail box (yes, I mail 2 things a month! I live under a rock, obvi).
  • In an effort not to look like a dead tired mess lately I have started to try really hard to take better care of my skin and I hope to get a new haircut soon-ish.  I just always get the same style and am pretty lazy in the mornings, which is the biggest dilemma in achieving cute hair.
  • Also – I am in that post-partum hair loss phase.  And my hair is suddenly wavy-ish. 
  • Do you ever wonder if everyone’s life is as over-scheduled as yours? Or is that just me?
  • How long has it been since you’ve been on a date with your husband? Do you go on regular dates? 
  • Another crazy week on deck for us – how about you?

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