Sunday, June 2, 2013

One Third {of the first year}

I have been desperately trying to figure out how to slow down time for the last four years, and that has never felt more true than the past four months.

Apparently when you add another child to the equation of life, it picks up at close to warp speed. I can’t always keep up with everything I NEED to do, let alone all of the things I WANT to do! But remember the small things is important to me, so here we go.

It has been a crazy four month. Let’s recap Aleesia’s first four months of life, shall we?

She was born after an amazing 19 hour labor/delivery. Giving birth to her without medical intervention was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced.


We hid out at the hospital for 25 hours and came home so she could meet her big sister.

2.3  (21)

We have been figuring each other out for the past few months.  We have had a busy four months, but I managed to steal some time with just her every once in a while.  We worked hard at breastfeeding at first, and are still working hard to make it work for us.  I’m back to work.  She stays home with daddy and Gianna.  Aleesia has been a bit of a challenge and Mike and I make screamy tiny people – no big deal, really – but it can be exhausting for all of us.

In general, the past four months have been a whirlwind!

We enjoyed lots of snuggling.  With mommy and sister.  Aleesia is a snuggle bug.

IMG_22152.12  (7)2.13  (1)4.8

There were many meetings of other tiny people – mainly her cousin and new friends.

2.9  (28)3.5  (1)4.14  (73)

She endured plenty of goofy photo shoots with mommy.

2.25  (1)2.25  (23)2.26  (21)2.26  (20)

3.20  (6)

We all experienced too many hours of crying (an intolerance to milk/soy, breastfeeding problems and a terrible infection were just a few of the culprits. and general newborn crankiness).  And despite the pictures of Aleesia sleeping, there isn’t always a lot of that going on! I just try to capture it when it DOES happen.

We had just a few very special parties to attend.

4.7  (17)4.13  (59)DSC_03905.12  (13)4.13  (67)

And even her first holiday - Easter!

IMG_25703.31  (34)3.31  (60)

We can’t forget to mention that she has been through a few of the most bizarre (at least to me) health issues in her short little life. (MSPI, GI Reflux, ULT, PTT, VUR, that’s enough right?)  And a little hospital stay. (thankfully everything is mostly okay now).

4.12  (6)

Aleesia figured out her lovie (lovies, if you count her wubanub!)

4.28  (3)

She has decided outside is fun! (which is a good thing considering her sister never wants to come inside!)

5.5  (3)

Despite all of the things that have gone against her in her first four months – she learned to hold her head up! and, we get a lot of smiles these days.  And if we are lucky, a giggle!

IMG_25445.27  (5)

One thing is without question, somebody here has a big sister who ADORES her and worries about her all the time.  It might have only been four months, but the bond that they have is so special already.  It might be one of the most fun parts of the past few months – watching these two learn each other.

4.11  (8)

Aleesia in a nutshell is our petite, sensitive, snuggler who doesn’t always feel the best but tries not to let it show. (except, when she does let you know she feels bad – there is no question!)

I wouldn’t know what to do without this girl.  I barely remember what life was like before she came.5.27  (8)

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