Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Randoms

  • PhotobucketI haven't done a bullet point post in a while.  
  • Gianna went with my parents this weekend camping - she was SO excited! I love their relationship, it makes my heart happy knowing how much those three love each other.  Can't wait until the littlest girls get in on the fun Gram and Papa trips!
  • Speaking of littlest girls - I traded a Gianna for my niece Luci for tonight.  That girl kills me.  And, she is the easiest baby ever. Makes babysitting so simple and fun!
  • And speaking of MY littlest girl - she has had a tough week.  Tummy troubles, trouble sleeping, lots of crying.  I hate being at work when she is like that.  And I hate even more being a zombie at work on little sleep.
  • But this week zombie status hasn't much mattered - it's been a slow one at work.  Which is nice for a minute, but, I do much better on Maximum Busy mode.
  • And speaking of that! I might be teaching this fall (or spring).  It's an opportunity that came out of nowhere, but I think it would be good for me to keep my foot in that door.
  • I didn't even realize that the 4th of July was next week and that therefore there might be fun weekend festivities this weekend and next.  I love summer fun - it is harder with the babes in tow, but still, next weekend I will have to find something fun to do with the girls while Mike works.
  • Do you celebrate the 4th? I'm mostly just excited for a random weekday off of work!
  • Last week I had a skin check at the dermatologist (I do mole mapping every year or two) and yet another mole has to be taken off and biopsied.  It's fine, and was expected, and in comparison to what JJ is going through, it's  So - PSA: get your skin checked. Wear your sunscreen. Etc.
  • I am looking forward to our vacation next month SO MUCH! I can't stop thinking about it actually.
  • Especially when I am wrapped up in a fleece blanket at my desk because it is OMGFREEZING in my office.
  • My sister and I are splitting a summer share from a local crop share arrangement - this week's share had cherries that were SO GOOD. and we are doing stir fry tonight! And I am going to make some baby food for Miss A if I am feeling really ambitious!
  • I think I moved everything over to Feedly from Reader okay - I am crossing my fingers that I did it right anyway....

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JoyBelle said...

4th of July is my favorite holiday! We're going to the in-laws' house to just hang out and eat off the grill. I hope when we move we can host and go all out, LOL! But it might be a couple years...

And I agree with you - getting out with babies is hard! I have only left my house twice since Silas was born three weeks ago and one of those was an appointment so it doesn't count, ha ha!