Thursday, March 21, 2013

Pump Pump

I don’t LOVE breastfeeding, but I don’t hate it and it is incredibly convenient. I think we are doing okay, I am constantly second guessing myself about if things are working right, but I think that’s normal.  Or I hope it’s normal.  So, overall, it’s okay and tolerable.

Except when I have to pump. Because I HAVE to pump since I am going back to work. (April 1st…only part time for the month, but still. ick)  I do hate that.  Especially double pumping.  But that is really beside the point right, because it’s a necessity.

So here is where I need some help or reassurance or something.

I try to pump once a day right now, usually in the morning, I get about 2oz from one side/3-4oz if I double pump.  That seems okay for now, but I obviously know she is going to need more than 4oz a day! 

What I really need to know/understand is how much I need to leave for Aleesia if I am going to be gone for 10 hours a day and how much I should be pumping while at work.  I have a masters degree but for some reason, this confuses the hell out of me.  Or it just intimidates the hell out of me.

I want to do this for her and I want to make this work for all of us. But I don’t want to be totally stressed about it either, because I know that’s not going to do anybody any good either.  I would guess that she will take 4-6 bottles while I am gone just depending on how things work out and what kind of schedule we finally establish once I am back full time.

Things I am worried about: determining a schedule that works for both of us, keeping my supply up (this non dairy/non soy diet is rough!), being able to pump enough at work, not losing my mind

help me out fellow working mamas, what do I need to know/do/understand etc about breastfeeding/pumping and going back to work?


Danifred said...

Pump whenever you normally nurse. If she eats every 3 hours, pump every 3 hours. Double pump to save time and help build your supply. You can freeze milk in a deep freezer for a year. Blue is 14 months and is STILL drinking stocked breast milk. Leading up to the time you are going back, pump until you are empty after she eats well (or before she sleeps) That will help you get some supply to leave. Check out La Leche for tips on storage. I pumped at work for a year with all 3 kids and its a huge pain but it can be done once you get your system down. Message me on FB if you want any other specifics about this novel I've written.

Pam B said...

Breastfeed babies generally do not eat as much (OZ wise) as formula feed. 2-4 oz is probably what your little one eats from you when when nursing. I have cared for several breastfeed babies while Mommy is at work and 6-8 oz was generally enough for the day. Also tip when freezing milk freeze it flat for easy defrost. And when you defrost put it in a zip lock bag in case the bag leaks (the stuff is a precious as gold)! ;)

Deborah said...

Another bit of advice - when you're leaving pumped milk for a caretaker, put 2 or 2.5 ounces in a bottle. Most people will try to get a baby to finish a bottle, so if you were to leave all her milk for the day in one 8oz bottle, she might end up drinking 1/2 of it or more in one feeding (and spitting most of it up). Then you'll think you didn't pump enough, when really you're fine.

Delenn said...

I ended up supplementing with formula, which was a good compromise (this was after dealing with only breast milk and pumping, etc. for months).

JoyBelle said... and LLL are great online resources to check out if you haven't already.

Otherwise Danifred said everything I was thinking. When you're at work you'll pump whenever baby normally nurses.