Sunday, March 24, 2013

7 week stretch

My little peanut is 7 weeks old. Which seems completely impossible if you ask me. Here's a little recap of the past few weeks, mostly for memory keeping purposes.

- silent reflux is just as terrible as the projectile puke variety. She is miserable a lot. Crying, screeching, back arching (or curled up teeny-tiny), hoarse voice, angry face and visible (& audible, actually) discomfort.
- also terrible is MSPI. She can't tolerate any raw dairy or soy in my diet & the kind you find in most foods is a no-go also. I am completely mourning the loss if Reese peanut butter eggs. My waist line will probably thank me later.
- what is totally awesome though is her personality. When she is comfortable she is so chill. She coos & smiles and is in love with the birds on her swing. Morning is for sure the best time of day for her.
- she has started to track us a little bit with her eyes. Except, she has a bit of a lazy eye going on. Her left eye for sure, but I see some laziness in the right as well. The one trait no mom wants to pass on! Her pediatrician is aware and we will discuss things more at her 2 month appt in a few weeks.
- Aleesia LOVES her sister. It is amazing actually that at such a young age she interacts and engages with Gianna. And if G starts talking or singing to her, she calms down (maybe only for a minute or two).
- she is not much of a napper right now - especially if napping requires being out down. She will gladly fall asleep while we are holding her, but put her down and she will most likely wake up pretty quickly. While it is great to have a little snuggler, it is also slightly inconvenient when you need to do things, like go to the bathroom or eat!
- but!! Since she really doesn't sleep during the day, she started sleeping for 6-9 hours at night. So, that is pretty awesome. She was sleeping in the rock & play beside our bed. But now she sleeps in it, in her room. We tried the crib (slightly elevated) last night with moderate success. As long as she sleeps in her own room, though, I don't care too much. I know the rock & play is more comfortable for her right now.
- also contributing to her stellar night sleep is the fact that she loves to be swaddled.
- she is a pretty good breast feeder. I realize I have nothing to compare to but she eats well, latches decently most of the time, etc. she is a SLOW eater though - 15-30 minutes at a time! Also, she is so hard to burp!
- she only will take the "soothie" kind of pacifier.
- we do a lot of rocking, bouncing, shooshing with her to keep her happy
- the similarities between G and A are uncanny - similar personalities & infant mannerisms, almost identical reflux/MSPI issues, pretty close to identical looks! Aleesia's eyes & hair are lighter and she is a little smaller than G was at the same age, but otherwise - spitting images!
- we love her so so much and even though she has only been here 7 weeks, I don't really remember life before her and her sweet snuggles.


JoyBelle said...

So precious!

alison said...

I love love reading this because it takes me back to the newbie days with Jude. I felt like I had given birth to the same kid twice. Almost 2 years later, they couldn't be more polar opposites, but zomg I love them so, so much. The MSPI will pass, I promise - it feels awful and unending right now and it sucks so bad to see your wee peanut in so much pain that you can't control. :( But - there's a light at the end of the tunnel. xo