Saturday, March 2, 2013


I grew up with sisters, obviously. But we really didn’t have cousins our age (at least me and Jacqui didn’t) so I never really thought much about the cousin relationship.

Until my niece came along.

Gianna ADORES Luci – she loves to play with her, make her smile and generally act goofy with her.

2.11  (16)

Luci likes it too.  she has the best smile!

2.11  (18)

Aleesia and Luci are only about 4 months apart in age – I know they are going to grow up to love each other like sisters.  And I think that is so awesome.

2.9  (29)2.9  (25)

I also think it’s awesome that I will forever be able to torture all three of them with goofy pictures! I already have a plan for them next month that may or may not involve bunny ears and plastic eggs….

These are my three favorite girls I the whole world and it makes me all kinds of excited to see how their relationships change and grow as they grow up together. 

did you grow up with cousins? did you love it as much as you loved your own siblings (if you had them)? what kind of shenanigans did you and your cousins get into?! (I need to know what to expect, after all!)


JoyBelle said...

I had cousins but didn't see them as much as my kids see their cousins on daddy's side of the family. In fact three cousins live just five blocks away, ha ha! They see each other about 2 times a week.

My oldest daughter is a month younger than her best friend (her cousin). They're like little twins (they're both girls, too).

My second daughter is 4 months younger than another cousin (a boy). They're best buds. I can see him becoming protective of her like a big brother as they grow up (since she doesn't have an older bro!).

Third daughter is 6 months younger than another cousin (a boy). These two are the stinkers who get into mischief together!!! And yet they're so darn cute!!!

And my son is 4 months older than a cousin (a boy). These little guys don't see each other as much, sometimes just once a week. They're still babies, too.

We also have other cousins really, really close in age (within 6 months of one another) on my side of the family but they rarely or never see each other due to distance. My oldest is becoming pen pals with one of her cousins who is the same age but lives across the country!

Being pregnant with this baby there aren't any same-aged cousins nearby so I'm hoping one of my sisters-in-law who does live close gets pregnant soon so everyone has a buddy, ha h! Is that selfish?! J/K!

seussgirl said...

I did not grow up with close cousins, but my boys are 3 of 9 cousins on my husband's side, all 5 and under! The oldest turned 5 in October, N and J turn 5 this week (!!), then Bug is one of 3 who turn 4 this summer. Family gatherings are getting more fun as the cousins get old enough to play nicely together!