Friday, March 1, 2013

A letter to my {second} daughter: one month later

Aleesia -

My little peanut, I have no idea month how you are a month old.  How just four short weeks ago I was walking the halls of the hospital waiting for you to come on out.


And today you are (finally) sleeping on my chest as I type this one handed, and your big sister is sitting next to us, in a princess bathing suit eating a sucker & watching the cat & the hat.  Just another day in our house!

One month is such a short time, yet I barely remember life before you were in it.  You have fit in to our family so well & all the worry I had about not being able to love you to the same amazing, endless degree that I love your sister was for nothing.  I love you different, but certainly not less.

2.25  (3)

You make me smile with your tiny voice and tiny noises.  (you can certainly assert yourself though and cry REALLY LOUD when you want)  The way you curl on my chest makes me melt and the way you look at me when you are eating is a special kind of look.  I don’t love every minute, but most of them are pretty great.

2.5  (32)

Sleeping has been a challenge – you aren’t a fan of your crib so far & really not a fan of naps (at least not anywhere but laying on me).  You have a touch of reflux – so far not as bad as your sister had it – but enough we can tell you are uncomfortable and hurting.  I’m sure this relates to the whole sleep problem!  You do okay at night though – we are still trying to figure out if you are a fan of the swaddle!  The binkie soothes you sometimes, but so far, you don’t HAVE to have it.  You seem to like the car and your car seat, which is great.  I am a big fan of your companionship so far – you run errands with me while Gianna is at school and are great at making people smile.  In fact, you DO smile when you are content – I can already see you have your sisters beautiful smile. Lucky!

I just moved the newborn clothes out of your dresser. Not because they don’t fit – but because you have so many other things to wear!  Your sister ensures you are always properly dressed and accessorized.  Probably, you should get used to that!

2.16  (6)2.25  (47)2.26  (17)

Speaking of your sister.  I have never witnessed a relationship so pure and loving as the one you two already have.  You make her smile like no one else can. 

2.12  (1)2.13  (3)

She could stare at you and hold you all day – or until she is ready to play!  You look for her and don’t take your eyes off of her when she is near you.  Gianna is making sure you are growing up properly in her eyes – she gives you stickers, makes sure you like bows, crowns and “teaches you the princesses” at every chance she gets. 

Aleesia – you are the perfect addition to our family.  We all love you just as much (or more!) than we expected and I hope that you feel that love every second of the day.  I never imagined the love I could have for one child, let alone two.  I can’t wait to keep watching you grow, teaching you, seeing your relationship with your sister and your cousin (and the rest of your family), loving you.

2.28  (1)2.28  (3)

love you peanut,


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JoyBelle said...

Pretty girl! What a sweet letter and I love the honesty. It isn't always rainbows and cupcakes but there are definitely a lot of great moments tucked in between the rough patches!!!