Monday, August 22, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things

Gianna has been just like a fountain of new tricks lately – everyday it’s a handful of new tricks up her sleeves.
  • She LOVES to sing and dance. She sings about everything and usually says “I’m singing like Ariel does” if you ask her what she is doing.
  • My Little Ponies have become a fan favorite.
  • Pretending – I love to watch her as she pretends. With her babies, in her kitchen, with her princesses, at her tea parties, as she sings and dances in front of her mirror. It just amazes me to watch her mind unfold.
  • Dance parties are still the norm around here. She has been working on her ballerina twirl! I love to hear "dance with me mommy!!"
  • She sits at the table in a regular chair now and we have started teaching her to excuse herself and clear her plate. She'll say "may I please gib up?" instead of "may I please be excused" but it's all good!
  • When she uses her manners (please/thank you etc) all on her own it makes me smile. Especially hearing her use them properly – it’s freaking adorable. Even if she is saying “No thank you, mommy” when I ask her to go to bed!
  • For whatever reason, she LOVES pajamas! She always wants to wear them for her naps, too!
  • We are still working on potty training and she has been doing a GREAT job this past week – her daddy really is like a magical potty training professional.
  • She has become a GREAT swimmer (with her “pillows”, of course) ((pillows = water wings)) and has the cutest little tan lines to prove it.
  • We still get to snuggle sometimes and those times are so amazing.
  • She kisses me goodbye when I go to work and welcomes me home in the evenings – who knew how much a blue-eyed girl could change a persons mood!
  • Her lovie is still her #1 go to comfort item. Along with her binkie when she is in her room. She changes babies out depending on the day, but she usually has one other stuffed item in tow regularly.
  • She will help me pick out her clothes and her accessories for the day. And mine too, sometimes!
  • Tantrums are getting fewer, probably because communication is getting better – she has always been a great talker, but now she is really able to communicate her feelings/wants/needs etc which makes things easier on all of us.
  • Tantrums these day come out of stubborness, mainly. She is SO stubborn - that is for sure the Italian in her!
  • Gianna stutters. There are certain words she has a hard time with - and now, she gets REALLY ANGRY when she isn't able to say what she wants on the first try. I always know she is having a tough time because she will start out her sentence in a whisper and get louder until she actually YELLS whatever word it is she can't get out.
  • She will tell you her favorite color is pink, her birthday is “on April”, attempts to count to 10, identifies her colors and thinks she can sing the ABC’s!
  • She is still a ridiculously picky eater - it is still ridiculously annoying.
  • Mostly, she is just a ball of hilarity rolled up into one tall, skinny package topped with blonde hair and a pink bow!
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Danifred said...

She sounds so much like my Bean. Love, love, love!

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

Love the pillows and the manners...awesomeness rolled up into a little girl. She sounds like so much fun lately! love it!

Mel said...

This age is awesome. I cannot even keep up with all the fun stuff she does/says. A never ending fountain of joy in my life! (clearly, yours too)