Monday, August 8, 2011

Picking your brain

I need some advice on a few things from my favorite internet comrades.

First topic: Blog

I mostly blog for myself, but sometimes I feel like I should blog about SOMETHING. With a little bit of myself thrown in there. Thoughts on that? Do you prefer reading about peoples everyday nonsense? Seeing pictures? Knowing that if you read blog ABC it will actually be about a THING in most cases? I can’t decide. 

I know what annoys me when reading blogs (too many pictures, too many MYBABYISSOCUTEANDSMARTERTHANYOUTOO posts, colored fonts, constant reviews of stuff I can’t win etc) and I know what I like (pictures that go with words sometimes, updates & actual thoughts)

But what about you? What is most annoying? What is most enjoyed?

Second topic: Shoes

We are going on a big vacation in October that will involve lots of walking. I need to get new shoes, that are NOT tennis shoes. I have narrowish feet with small bunions. Recommendations? I normally don’t wear socks, so shoes that look cute without socks and can be worn with jeans or skirts/dresses would be STELLAR!

Third topic: 3 row vehicles

One of the blessings that will come along with my new job is the ability to purchase a new (okay, new to us because we are so NOT buying new) car sooner than we expected. I would ideally like a vehicle with 3 rows – and am opening my narrow little mind to the idea of a van (I can’t believe I just typed that). I DESPISE car shopping, know NOTHING on the topic and need LOTS of hand holding and real life recommendations. So give it to me straight.  Also since I am planning WAY ahead with this purchase, if you have a vehicle with only 2 rows that fits more than 2 car seats COMFORTABLY I would love to hear about it. (greater than 25mpg would be a huge bonus!)

and since I am totally needy right now –

Fourth topic: Lunch

I need some good ideas for work lunches. If it doesn’t involve mayonnaise or a salad that is any thing other than lettuce or pasta based, I will probably like it! Also good ideas of breakfast on the go? My commute is about 40 minutes, and while I am not a “breakfast” person, it would be good to be able to eat something on my way.

I know I can count on you, friends – don’t let me down!



Delenn said...

Blogging: I consider it a journal, so I write about whatever I want to write about in the moment. I love blogs with updates and thoughts; pictures are nice but sometimes they can be too much.

Work lunches: Well, I used to keep cereal and milk at work so I could eat a more leisurely breakfast in the morning, that helped to make it so I was not starving at lunchtime. I also kept cereal bars, tea and a couple frozen entree lunches just for spares. I liked Smart Ones lunches, they have a good variety. Also, I tried to have a budget to "eat out" once or twice during the week so that I wouldn't get tired of things I brought in. (Left overs are great variety too).

seussgirl said...

Hmmm...where to start..
I'm still not quite over the loss of my Accord, but we do like all the conveniences of our Odyssey. My husband and our mechanic-friend recommend getting the last year of a model so all the "kinks" are worked out. For the Odyssey,I think that means an '04, or '07.
Blogwise, I like to read things that make me laugh, or help me learn something - either about the author, or something I can use.
Food ideas...well, I haven't packed a work lunch in 3.5 years, and I frequently forget to send something with my husband, but...what about wraps? Or yogurt parfaits? Or smoothies for the mornings? You could event get some protein powder to add to keep you full longer.
Shoes...I have a pair of shoes from LL Bean that I love, I'll see if I can find them and tweet a link for you. Also, my sister in law found Mary Jane type crocs that I think she wore in India that were easy to wash and comfortable enough for walking.
Hope that helped!

Anonymous said...

I blog about whatever floats my boat that day. The kid, crafts, baking, everyday stuff, complaining about something. Whatever. It’s my blog so I can blog about what I want, right? I don’t think you need a SOMETHING to blog about. Just do whatever makes you happy. Blog things that annoy me: Music that automatically plays, colored fonts on colored backgrounds, picture mania everyday, constant reviews/giveaways, and VOTE FOR ME, VOTE FOR ME, VOTE FOR ME posts. I have like 100 blogs in my reader. They vary on topic from baking, crafting, infertility, mommy, people I know IRL, and just blogs I like. I like everyday posts about what you had for dinner or what your kid did last night. Pics are nice, but not required.

I have friends who swear by crocs. Both the ugly kind and the sandal kind. Me? Not a fan just because of the ugliness.

No idea on cars. I (will not even type it) detest vans and have sworn them off for my entire life.

I keep cereal, milk, granola bars, crystal light, tea, and popcorn at work. Fortunately we have a cafeteria as well so if I’m not digging cereal that day, I can get a breakfast taco or something. I was never a breakfast person but since I’ve had it everyday since working here (5 years) I am STARVING by lunch if I don’t get something in my belly.

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

Blog: Blog whatever you want to blog...some days it's for the Crazies and some days it's for me. As far as I'm concerned, your blog is with it what you will.

Shoes: What about those sneakers that look like regular shoes? I think Skechers makes some (yes, I'm a Kohl's addict) and you could also check Nordstroms b/c they have some cute ones...or Naturalizer...or Easy Something (I forget and I've been drinking tonight...vacation)!!

3 row vehicles: I have an MDX...awesome it with all my heart, but the new ones are too expensive. We got ours at the end of the model year...right before they changed the body style. I've heard good things about a highlander. Why do you want a 3-row vehicle?

Lunch: For you? Or children? My kids love ham and cheese sushi (ham wrapped around a cheese stick and eaten with chopsticks). For me, I eat salads or leftovers...I'm boring and hate lunch...I basically shove anything in my piehole that I can get a hold of. There is a great recipe that Nigella does for peanut noodles...veggies too...looks delish. I can send you the link if you want.

Is this comment long enough?'d think I was stuck on vacation with no one to talk to but my crazy family or something! LOL

Mel said...

I had to trade my precious Audi A4 in for a Honda Odyssey because let's get real... the Audi was insanely expensive to maintain and it just wasn't working with a kid (and another on the way). I swore I'd never to a minivan but now that I have? I'll likely never go back. The sliding doors that open to the press of a button? OHMYHEAVENS. It is heaven with 2 children. And? I've already accepted that it's kinda outta style to drive a minivan but it will ALWAYS be out of style, therefore? IT will be exactly the same driving this thing 10 years from now as it is now. I won't feel like I need to rush out and buy a new model anytime soon. IT will be long paid off by that point and I won't have a car payment for a long time. We bought a 2007 with low miles and it was beyond reasonably priced. That said, we also looked at the CRV and a Murano, but they were TINY inside with 2 carseats. Like ridiculous. And? Same price as the Odyssey.

When I worked at an office, I took a TON of snacks and just ate throughout the day. Hardboiled eggs, nuts, peanut butter, bread, cereal, instant oatmeal, crackers, hummus, frozen lean cuisines, etc.

Just do you on the blogging. I love your blog! Think you do great as it is.


JJ said...

Love your blog as it is--YOUR topics your voice=perfection :)

I take lots of snacks--yogurt, raisins, other fruit, crackers.

Im a Kia fan -- Sportage has been good to us!

I have a good pair of Nike shoes--but cant think of the name of the type of Nike. Ill let you know!

Anonymous said...

After a day of walking non-stop for six hours -----I think the shoe problem is hopeless! Love, Mom
P.S. Took two tylenol and now laying here with them up in the air so they stop throbbing! LOL!