Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bullet Point Saturday

There has been so much swirling around in my head lately, that I don’t even know how to put it all down on paper logically. I missed Friday Night Leftovers yesterday, so I think bullet points will do for tonight.

  • My sister and I went to the Twins Day festival last weekend. We are lucky to have such a unique and awesome event right in our backyard – mom’s of multiples out there – you NEED to go at least once. We hadn’t been in over 11 years (!!) and as an adult, I was amazed at all the “twin” relationships I saw there – people who looked forward to seeing each other each year. Twins from literally every state and many different countries in one place. It is truly an experience like no other!
  • Week 2 of work was better than week 1 for many reasons, mainly because I felt better and I didn’t have as many after work commitments last week.
  • I got to hang out with a lot of my Premier family today and got to snuggle a brand new baby. Talk about an aching uterus! Gianna LOVES babies, so again, aching uterus.
  • To the above scenario, I just repeat in my head *have patience* over and over again. And then I laugh at myself because, how freaking ridiculous!
  • Gianna’s passport came today!
  • I got some GREAT feedback on my picking-your-brain post last week, greatly appreciated.
  • Life appears to be moving in the appropriate, upward, direction lately. I am cautiously optimistic over it, but the amount of stress I have felt lifted off of my shoulders the past week has been amazing. I didn’t realize JUST how stressed I was feeling.
  • I need to schedule more time for my friends. And more time for my husband. And more time for the little one. Let’s see if we can fit it all in.
  • The age of 2 is a total love:hate relationship, this week has been mostly love. Thank goodness!
  • And this will conclude a thoroughly random blog for this evening.


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alison said...

You're doing great, just keep putting one foot in front of the other. I remember going back to work after Brecken was born got a little better every week/month (probably similar to what you felt after G. Life has a way of settling into a rhythm and I just *know* you're finding yours.