Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers: Back to Work Edition

  • This week I am so thankful to Danifred for hosting FNL, more than usual!
  • Back to work week 1 has been EXHAUSTING. Pile a few after work meetings (you know, for my other-other job!), finishing up teaching this term and getting a cold on top of it and I AM SPENT.
  • It has also been a little boring. To be expected with the whole learning curve and all that – but honestly, I don’t do bored well. (I know, you are SHOCKED to hear that)
  • It hasn’t been as hard as I imagined leaving G every day, but she has only been awake one day when I had to leave.
  • That sucked – she kept saying “NO! Put your jammies back on, Mommy!” It was very adorable and very heartbreaking.
  • When I called home at lunch the other day she was very excited to tell me she bought me flowers – that was also very adorable.
  • I think it will be harder as we continue on – I so miss the everyday stuff.
  • Getting up early isn’t an issue, getting home at 6 though? That is hard for me.
  • BUT! New job has lots of benefits, like a constant flow of coffee, a comfy chair, 2 computer monitors just for me and all the office supplies a girl could ask for.
  • The people are nice too.
  • In the employee handbook is a section about blogging and how you shouldn’t identify who you work for BUT we don’t want to hinder your personal creativity.
  • Also, I need to go shopping! My last job I could wear scrubs to work – I needs some more work clothes. And shoes. Duh.
  • Praying that we all fall into a new routine soon, I don’t over extend myself and that the stress slowly starts to go away.



alison said...

So awesome that your employer has a blogging policy. My employer doesn't even know what blogging IS I'm quite confident... You rock, as always.xo

Danifred said...

I'm so glad that your week was better than expected. You are extremely strong and I'm so impressed with how well you've handled this. I was such a mess when I went to work full time and I regret that I didn't just appreciate what I DID have during that time.

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

Shopping, free flowing coffee, and office likey.

You are doing great. I wouldn't like getting home so late either. Sounds like G is handling it well, so I'm sure that rests your mind a little.

A blogging policy...God help us!

Anonymous said...

A blogging policy. HA!

Hope you find your groove soon.