Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday Night Leftovers

  • I am late on this today, but turns out it gave me more things to say.
  • G is still sick. She plays and acts fine, but she gets worn out easily. And holy shit does she get cranky.  Her poor nose/face is all red and chapped from incessant nose wiping.
  • Honestly, where DOES all that snot/mucous come from? Her head is only so big….
  • I know I am not “working” per say right now, but good LORD am I busy.  Turns out my master’s work is much more time consuming than originally anticipated.
  • It has been snowing, literally, all week. ick.
  • Peppermint mocha coffee creamer = heaven.
  • Why do people insist on actually BAKING cookies? Cookie dough is totally good enough for me…..
  • I need new tires on my car.
  • Our house is christmas-ified, but it turns out that a) we don’t have all that much christmas d├ęcor and b) I wish we had bright colored decorations like these:  to go with our turqoise walls! Come on after-christmas sales.
  • Gianna says “ooo woook, CHRISTMAS” whenever she sees the tree. It’s freaking adorable.
  • Gianna also told me “you’re gorg-us” today.
  • She said “say shrimp boat” yesterday, thanks to her Aunt Krissy and the silly things she tells the girl to say.
  • Why do I always feel like I need a nap around 2p (I never actually TAKE one) but yet I stay up until at least 11 every night?  I will never learn....
  • Turns out my dad is in the ICU.  I have already expressed my feelings on this person, I won’t be visiting.  I would never wish harm on anyone, not even him, but that doesn’t mean I feel any tugs on my heartstrings over it.
  • I can’t wait for my christmas cards to come!!
Join Danifred and Co. to see what everyone else has leftover this week!


Esperanza said...

Oh my goodness - G sounds absolutely adorable! I hope she starts feeling better soon!

Rebecca said...

Hate snot (and how much of it there is) and love cookie dough!!!!

Kakunaa said...

I have been trying to figure out the snot thing myself. Pregnancy apparently causes me to be an amazing booger producer. Christmas stuff :)

Ann B said...

Hope she feels better soon! And I wish I knew where it all came from too! It amazing how it seems neverending some times!

The Captain's Wife said...

"where DOES all that snot/mucous come from" I literally asked this very question today after wiping my kids face for the 3987 time!

I have a similar, yet very different situation with my father. Biology is tough. But you seem like you have a very clear mind and a good outlook. Good for you for being a stong woman.

Danifred said...

Oh, the snot and snot and snot some more. We're a revolving door of mucus over here too!
One year I asked for Christmas decorations for Christmas. It rocked!

JJ said...

Hows she feeling? And I totally hear ya on the SNOT--where does it all come from!

Ill go after Christmas shopping with you! Love the deals you can get :)

raisingmiles said...

Those little kids are huge snot makers! ICK. Hope she's better soon.

Love me some Christmas!