Monday, December 27, 2010

Holiday Hang-over: The Big Day

Santa has arrived.

12.25  (3)

And G has no clue what is going on.

12.25  (8)

But she did find a wand!

12.25  (60)

And a tutu.

12.25  (90)

And thinks the wand will help her to open stuff!

12.25  (117)

PJ picture.

Then over to Grandma and Papa’s!

12.25  (133)

G played Papa’s helper and checked passed out all the loot.

12.25  (209)12.25  (227)

She was observant. And got new boots. (among a zillion other things)

12.25  (254)

And really liked the parade.

12.25  (262)

And looking at GIANNA! in the mirror on her new brush.

12.25  (296)

But most of all, she loves her new horse.

12.25  (304)

And had a long day.

A long, amazingly awesome day with people who love her, spoil her and buy her things she doesn’t even know she likes yet!



Kakunaa said...

She is so precious :) What a fun day!

Rebecca said...

All a little girl needs...a wand, new boots, and a horse. What a fun time!

Danifred said...

So sweet with her boots and tutu! I think the holidays are such work for the little ones, it's no wonder they're exhausted by the end.

JJ said...

So glad you all had such an amazing day--I was so thankful to be able to watch Oman enjoy the day. And I have to be good like you and edit my 300+ pictures!

Mel said...

The toys, the toys, the toys. The toddlers DEF get the whole TOY thing. Glad you guys had such a marvelous holiday! She's just a doll!!!