Tuesday, December 14, 2010


JJ at Reproductive Jeans gave me this award last week, and I finally got my acceptance post ready!  We connected through twitter and the blog-o-verse this year, and she has become one of the greatest friends.  I am truly thankful for this awesome and inspirational lady!!

So here's rules for the award:
~Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award.
~Share 7 things about yourself.
~Pass the award along to 7 other bloggers who you recently discovered and think are fabulous.

  1. I want to be a photographer in my next life. I think I take pretty good pictures for a novice, but I have TONS to learn still. I spend a lot of time behind the camera capturing everything from blue eyes to still life.
  2. I can’t go to bed unless the house is picked up. It doesn’t have to be clean, but it can’t be cluttered.
  3. My closet is organized by color and shirt/pant length. Like all the white shirts are together and they go (L-R) long sleeve, short sleeve, tank top.  It makes me happy.
  4. There are over 50 pairs of shoes on my shoe rack and counting.
  5. I could literally live on potatoes – any form, I’ll take ‘um.
  6. I do not like condiments of any kind, except for honey to dip my chicken nuggets in.  I also don’t like sandwiches unless it is a chicken breast, cheese and spinach sub w/ raspberry vinaigrette from subway.
  7. I am pretty sure I want to work in the non-profit sector (or in grant writing) when I grow up.  Know of any jobs in this area? Pass them along please!!
  8. *bonus* I will be done with my Masters in Public Health in May.  I am already trying to figure out what I will do next – MBA? PhD? I know I am not done forever…..

I am passing this award on to the following 7 beautiful bloggers because I want to hear (even) more about your life!!

Rebecca @ Unexplained x2

Danifred @ Sippy Cups are Not for Starbucks

Kate @ Circus Acts

Jen @ I Blog Because of Peer Pressure

Seussgirl @ One Day Two Day

Esperanza @ Stumbling Gracefully

Mel @ Where’s my Belly



alison said...

Omg, without honey for my chicken nuggets! People look at me like I'm so weird when I do this. How did we learn to do this? Maybe our parents went to some secret chicken nugget camp together and they taught us how to eat them. Heh. Really, it fascinates me!

JJ said...

You need to come help me with my closet, please!!

You dont like condiments?! OK, we must not be related :) I cant live without ketchup and ranch!

But Im with ya on #2 and #5!

Rebecca said...

God, you want to know MORE about me? Are you sure???

I'm with you on the clutter crap...we're always picked up (the lower level of dresser is always cluttered with clothes waiting for a home)!

I will get to this...I promise!

Kakunaa said...

That used to be the only condiment I would use, too! I dipped my fries in it as well :)

Congrats on the award :)

Danifred said...

Awwww, thank you! I also organize my closet by color but I definitely need a better shoe collection.
I'm on this award!

Mel said...

I have dipped all poultry products (chicken and turkey) in honey exclusively since I was knee high to a grasshopper. People always think I'm weird, but DO NOT CARE. I love ranch now, too, but honey is generally my go-to. :)

seussgirl said...

I'm a honey user, too!
Thanks for the award...maybe it will inspire me to actually write something. :)