Thursday, December 30, 2010

What’s Next?

I am sure there are going to be a million and two I’m-so-thankful-for-this-year and/or twentyten-can-bite-my-ass posts in the blog-world this week.

2010 wasn’t the most awesome year in the entire world, but it certainly wasn’t the worst year I have ever had.  I mean shit, I lost my job and health insurance so that sucked.  My husband and I had a tough year, but we’re good now.  I took my family on an awesome beach vacation, am one semester away from having my Master’s degree and have started my own business. And bought my first house.  Not to mention the everyday fun stuff that happened. So overall, I suppose the year was a success.

I am most concerned with what comes  next, though.  I am in a very uncertain place right now.  Sure, I have my family and house and a few things going at least marginally my way, but I feel unsettled.  Like there is so much I don’t know, can’t control and am just generally unsure about.

What will 2011 (twenty-eleven, in my book) bring?

How will we grow as a family?

How will I grow professionally? When will I get a job? What kind of job will it be?

What awesome things will Gianna teach me?

What kind of excitement/disappointment/unexpected surprises will come our way?

We have one super awesome thing to look forward too in 2011 – a big fat italian family vacation!  In October my whole family, all 11 people, are going to Italy, on a Mediterranean cruise. 


Sometime this spring/summer we are going to seriously visit the idea of  TTC for baby 2.0, which is an awesomely scary idea. 

I am certain 2011 will be a-okay.  There are at least a few things to look forward to.

I just can’t wait to find out what comes next…..



Right after I wrote this post, I found out that my dear friend Jen lost one of her twin girls at 32 weeks. Please pray for her, Mark, Olivia, sweet Evelyn watching from heaven and for Ainsley as she gets strong enough to come home to her family.  Jen, we are wrapping you all in huge hugs, prayers, strength and whatever else you need, for as long as you need it. xoxo


Kakunaa said...

It is in fact that time of year...I think I may resist the "what does 2011 hold" post because, well, right now I am trying to enjoy the NOW. I'm excited for your upcoming year! And the cruise! TOTALLY jealous :) Anywho, Happy New Year, friend :)

Danifred said...

Wouldn't you just love to have a crystal ball sometimes?

Praying for your friend, Jen. Just devastating!

Rebecca said...

Way to find the silver lining, my dear!!! Can I come on your cruise???

Going to check Jen's blog...I couldn't imagine.

Mel said...

It's weird how having a precious child in your life somehow makes all the crap less crappy. I hope 2011 is marvelous for you! And I'm terribly jealous of that cruise!

I can't think about Jen without crying. It's unimagineable.