Saturday, December 18, 2010

Binky Intervention

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Gianna has used her binky since, well, forever.  When she was reflux-e for all those months, it helped soothe her. And now? she just really likes it.


Which has been fine. Except I hate when she tries to talk with it in her mouth. So I try to extract the binky, and she bites it. And freaks out. GIMME MY BINK!!!!!!

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I am weak, you guys.  She is so cute and I cave in every.single.time.

Reasons for caving in lately: she was sick. You can’t deny a sick girl her binkie.  Mike has been working midnights and sleeping during the day.  Gotta keep the toddler as quiet as possible for as long as possible.  Right or wrong, the bink is the best way to get her to calm down.  I just can’t say no.

And she NEEDS it in the car. Like she screams BINKIE PWEEEZE. LOVIE PWEEEZE.

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So now, I have created a binkie monster.

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We need an intervention.

How did you start to wean your kid from the binkie?  Did you do it all at once, let them only have it during nap/bed time? We are NOT going cold turkey until she is 2, but we can’t have this binky-in-the-mouth-all-the-live-long-day shit going on much longer.


Why does the confining upgrade grade the disorder?


Danifred said...

Yep. We are 2 and it's a serious issue. I have no idea where to begin, all I know is that it makes me crazy. If you figure something out, let me know!

Delenn said...

Never had the "pleasure", but I know Amy at Somewhat Ordinary dealt with it with her son. She made it like a graduation...she found all the binkies in the house, put them in a bag (except for a special one) and he "gave" it to someone who was "giving it" to other babies who needed it more. And he was becoming a big boy, so he did not need it, etc.

Then she took him to Build-A-Bear and had his special binky put into a stuffed animal (he helped do it--helped with each stage of it).

After that, I believe he had a couple nights where he struggled, but he was a big boy and knew he did a good thing, etc.

(ask her for details--she's a braces buncher)

Kakunaa said...

Unfortunately, I am useless. What about a substitute for now? A stuffed animal, blankie, something along those lines, as a comfort object?

alison said...

Ahh, toddlers. B dropped the pacifier around 10 months, and at the time it was frustrating because he'd be teething and I'm like DUDE, this will help you! But anyway, our major fight is over his puppy blanket... homeboy takes that thing ev-ery-where. It's fine for now, even though it drives me batty, it's not as intrusive as the pacifier would be. Anyway, sometimes he wants to take two things - like his puppy and truck - and I don't want to keep track of all that crap. Plus he needs to learn to choose. So it usually works for us to say "ONE thing, B, you can pick one, the puppy or the truck". I don't know if G is more attached to her binkie or her lovie, but maybe she'd start to pick her lovie over her binkie if you made her choose one? Good luck!

Sara said...

With my oldest, I just started cutting back the time I gave him his binky, until he only was allowed to have it for naps and bedtime. It was rough at first, but he went binky free in September and has never looked back! I'd stick with just the lovie and start scaling back the biny. Good luck!

Rebecca said...

We have only allowed them to use their binks at naps and bedtime and we still have no idea how we're going to completely get rid of them. I won't even take the Crazies out of their cribs until they've given up the bink. I keep telling them that big boys/girls don't need binks, but that doesn't make a lick of difference!

I said we'd take it away at 2 too...what lies I tell myself!

Jill said...

A friend of mine had her daughter give all of her binkies to her pastor at church so that he could give them to Baby Jesus to use.

Colleen said...

I have a girlfriend who cut the nipple part off the binks and told her kids, "that's how they come now." She said the first day was rough, but they were fine by the end of a weekend.