Thursday, August 19, 2010

Medicine Head

Allergies? The Plaque? Sinus Infection?

All of the above.

Me and G both have the sickness.  
Total suckage in this house right now.
And honestly, when I am sick, I am worthless.  I pretend like "oh, I am fine" but inside I am all "I could just fall over and die any second now"  
When Gianna is sick? The Drama comes on in full force. Whining. snoring. Pitiful tantrums because "WHOOAA these people just don't understand my needs" (no really, she will gently lower herself to the ground, roll around going "whooaa") She wants outside. no inside. up. no down. wawa. no cups. lovie. sleep. no sleep. So indecisive this chick.
The other really really really crappy part about G being sick? Night terrors.
She has them usually when she is teething in full force (which she is also doing, thank you 2yr molars) and/or sick.  Last night? ROUGH.  It is one of the scariest things to witness.

so, no sleep for the weary in our house. more suckage.

Except the things that don't suck. 
Like having a job interview next week.  That's cool. 
And having date night tomorrow. That will be fun. If I can keep my snot to myself.....


Danifred said...

Hope you feel better soon, hope that snot stays away long enough for date night ;)

JJ said...

I came back from a week away and have the crud. I feel like crap. Ugh--I hope we both are feeling better soon--Im worthless when Im sick!

Best of luck with the new semester starting! I love fun pens:)

renee said...

oh yesss the night terrors come on strong during sickness. i can always plan on not sleeping if maria is starting to get sick. :-P hope you all are better by now. if it helps, josh and i got sick while on vaca. we think it was the ac vent and fan above our heads in our room. (stoooopid). so the last day we were sick (and josh with a cold is like josh with the plague and his arms and legs got cut off. boofreakinhoo ya big baby)